What to Wear to an Interview + Business Formal Tips!


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0:00he didn’t i right so let’s talk business
0:03if you have a formal presentation interview or business meeting coming out
0:08that is important to you and you feel like
0:10you need to put your best foot forward they I would like to give you a few
0:14tests on
0:15what to wear because it can be such a difficult decision
0:19the time to prepare yourself for your interview in terms of what to wear in
0:23the day before when you’re gonna three-years-old
0:25at the stores it is well in advance so that you have a couple about fits on
0:31for any time in our opportunity comes along cuz in life
0:34and in your career sometimes that can happen unexpectedly
0:38see you wanna be prepared I’m leaving you the review options today
0:43I would personally where and have warned me for two important meetings
0:47interviews and I won’t even show you the suit that I actually wore when I got my
0:52first job
0:53I’m which was for my legal training term here in Vancouver so
0:57I think it’s really important to have those outfits ready I think it’s also
1:01really important to be able to switch them up so that you can wear them to
1:04different meetings with the same people as well you want your
1:07for more work wardrobe to change with the UN to be as flexible as you are
1:13in terms of all the opportunities that you are ready to go for
1:17I realize that for different feel what you wear to an interview can be
1:20extremely difference of course
1:23you should customize it to your own environment mine is pretty for more
1:27but sometimes depending on the size law firm it can be a little bit more
1:32informal as well and you want to be able to meet that and not look out of place
1:37and comfortable most important thing ultimately is that you feel like you
1:42have put the best version of yourself
1:43or including how you look in harmony with that I want to give you three tests
1:48that will help you
1:49in deciding what you would like to wear and putting together your
1:53best outfit for your special business
1:56occasion my first and possibly most important et
2:00is what every pink he needs to be comfortable enough that you are not
2:05or pulling at your cell so I’m interviews
2:07examples today a good outfit that you can wear you’re not used to wearing a
2:11suit and you feel like that will make you
2:13very uncomfortable it something that you can still wear but still look very
2:18reason for that is that if you are pulling your clothing or adjusting it
2:22consists constantly during your interview
2:24you’re gonna end up really distracting whoever it is you’re trying to impress
2:28right back in 10 is that whatever he in pain should be improperly and sometimes
2:33that doesn’t involve
2:34going for a tailor although many stores like Brooks Brothers which is where I
2:38got the pursuit that I will show you
2:40that me really great service that you should factor into your decision as to
2:44where you are going to purchase you are seeing from if you do need to buy one
2:48in my third attempt is obvious but it’s always good to have a reminder
2:53which in that ultimately you wanna be yourself so my style is very feminine
2:57it’s very classic and so you will see that reflected in all three of this
3:01I’m about to show you keep in mind we need to be respectful to your
3:05environment and that includes not showing a lot of skin
3:08includes not wearing things that are overly tight or revealing because
3:12that will just not impress in a way that you are looking to impress
3:16and the holes for any job that you’re quite for
3:19that said there’s no reason why you can’t reflect your own personal style
3:22and belief
3:23in whatever you pick and so be mindful others choices
3:27when you’re putting together your outfit I know can be controversial but
3:31ultimately what you look like is the first thing that they will notice
3:34and you want that to be a good impression you want to be an impression
3:37that reflects who you ultimately are and what you are offering
3:41to the firm or business that you are interviewing with or presenting to
3:45so I hope that you guys families couple of taps useful
3:48but get bread into the meat this video the fun part where I get to show you my
3:52favor outfit for any business formal
3:56he said so I did promise I would show you this year I was wearing when I got
4:00my big break
4:01in law and this isn’t it to see from Brooks Brothers
4:05in the dark people would call an issue
4:08sent a little bit more means the money’s too because I started going to the gym
4:12well after I finish my legal training it’s now up to three years old and I
4:16still adore
4:17I think the fabric and such high quality it’s a true classic that I reach for
4:21when I have very formal business cajuns now the shirt I’m wearing when they
4:26its from Club Monaco only has a really nice have to be 28
4:30lovely he did cellmark anything comes with a long
4:34piece like this student the excess retire or otherwise are very simple
4:40just from a brief look at my watch white pearl to BK
4:44I downs in formal occasion and they just make me feel really
4:49like together
4:52and I just had my gold
4:55actin any fun at the back
4:58machines are by expressions from the bay and
5:02are hard to come for my second outfit
5:05I’m wearing a dress from Club Monaco has a really nice for screen panel in the
5:10stress problems really well I like the black by
5:13panels because those are both woman edgy and I’m also going
5:17Blazers from Sarah and I so recommender
5:20to you for fine colorful Blazers but also for
5:24classic ones that are really great all happy a black one
5:28and serving
5:31white pearls dong and line and
5:34jacket really nice long which particularly like
5:38on brain my shoes are also founder and I love the triangular cut out because
5:43there will be
5:43edgy there finally expressed my style subtle way
5:47they’re also group long
5:50this is about to die often reach for model
5:54engine for a track
5:57just renditions the office on a show needed a have been in decreasing order
6:02formalities so here it was too casual line
6:05many features in great white jacket from here
6:09pretty here let me Training action
6:12variation on to me ending that my intention to rate my prof
6:17to where you want to meet while cleaning refinishing
6:21feel very confidently for example unity and the morning honey
6:26position harrowing leadership I think it’s just a very common injuries
6:30the hope it would also be a good choice hearing
6:34Greenfield act like wearing are competing
6:37shell your mom then books used
6:40from ongoing from lansing
6:44you guys injured going swimmingly neither one like ever
6:47me because I feel like it money that would be so useful to my younger
6:51I’ll thank you so much for watching

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