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0:00war are well
0:03are these are the world’s most iconic symbols that are recognized by just
0:09everyone welcome to watch model dot com
0:15and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 business logos
0:19what a great dad PayPal this again sheer genius Rebecca for this list
0:25we based our selections not simply on each logo’s design aesthetics
0:29but also on the level of prominence and capacity to influence the designs a
0:34other commercial brands i’m dumb marlboro country
0:37I’m number ten
0:41the castle Disney the scared
0:53let’s get right down to business with the most widely recognized
0:56castle from one of the world’s most iconic and beloved companies
0:59this spectacular shot tell is modeled after both Disneyland Sleeping Beauty
1:04and Cinderella’s Castle at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom
1:08while not many ventures would utilize such a fantastic pizza
1:11architecture to represent their brand disney’s castle undoubtedly towers above
1:16the rest
1:16making appearances and almost every piece of intellectual property within
1:20the disney family
1:21though this simple logo is an icon in its own right
1:25disney’s various renditions of the castle courts film openings
1:28make it all the more magical
1:37number nine the mermaid
1:39Starbucks with this copy house empires reputation for setting up shop on every
1:43other corner
1:44it’s difficult not to acknowledge this constantly expanding companies mock
1:48cupid 30
1:52come in
1:55named after a character in Herman Melville’s novel
1:58Moby Dick the coffee chain embraced american I’m theme in its logo as well
2:02in part to represent its home city up Seattle
2:06the iconic 28 mermaid has since become synonymous with the company
2:10but existed in another lifetime before Starbucks founding
2:13at the 16th century Norsemen grieving it’s been through numerous
2:17iterations but today’s is a modern simplified logo
2:21that speaks to the company’s past and feature to now here we are
2:25in the world has changed in Starbucks Jim
2:28never ate the windows Microsoft Windows
2:35whether it be original blue quadrilaterals from 1985
2:39the colorful reimagining that lasted twenty years from ninety 22 2012 or the
2:44full circle blue rectangles for Windows
2:478 this iconic logo is widely recognized by many generations
2:51strong multi-tasking
2:54time windows ninety-five appropriate considering the name
2:57the product it advertisers the window symbol is found on
3:01every Microsoft product yield ever purchase and considering the company at
3:05one point held
3:06and ninety percent share in the PC market its logo was ubiquitous
3:10as well at a ton of screens and even more eyeballs
3:14to see and appreciate the efforts have the world’s largest computer company
3:18number seven the VW
3:21Volkswagen speeding things along is the sole
3:24automotive industry logo on our list while there are many
3:28equally respectable car emblems out on the road volkswagens modified initials
3:32get top particular honors
3:34sports fusion up simplicity with a futuristic feel
3:37with more currently produced vehicle models in the top 10 best-selling cars
3:41of all time
3:42than any other company this logo is a legendary icon
3:46the held by billions a pedestrian and motorists elec
3:49and who can forget the punch buggy game
3:54how do you do that bad I
3:59dead yeah number six the calligraphy
4:03coca-cola when do found in your everyday grocery stores parties
4:11restaurants fast food or fancy and just about anywhere else
4:15these delightfully designed letters foreshadowing equally delightful taste
4:19from the world’s best-selling beverage brands like many of the business logos
4:23on our list
4:24these letters have seen their share every workings some fancier and curvier
4:28than others
4:29but always using this pen Syrian script font and while other soda logo’s have
4:34enticing designs that pop out just as beautifully
4:37coca-cola seat on the proverbial market thrown has made it clear
4:40that more have seen and bought the red can with the colorful person
4:44home number five
4:49the modern bite Apple the story behind the company name
4:53and its subsequent logo is shrouded in mystery but
4:57one thing’s for sure there’s no mistaking what this symbol means
5:01while will always have a special place in our hearts for the rainbow colors
5:05it’s the contemporary illustration about Bulls logo that bore witness to the
5:09company’s emphatic rights with Apple carrying a unique reputation for modern
5:13and sleek designs
5:15it’s no surprise that its colorful logo eventually experience
5:18a modern overhaul keeping the basic architecture that illustrated the
5:22company’s name
5:23Apple upgraded its mark two parallel its products classic
5:27lights and to showcase its growing presence in the computer market
5:32I’m number four
5:38the GE General Electric
5:45you know imagination is at work when your business has a logo like general
5:50originally designed in the late 19th century the interlocked initials at the
5:55GE logo
5:56have gone through a few changes since then must’ve them
5:59fairly subtle all in all this is one logo that is stay true to its roots
6:04ignoring modern trends and sticking to the trustworthy blue symbol they know
6:08with the multinational conglomerate retaining a present
6:12in numerous consumer industries from household appliances to electronics
6:16this logo has discreetly found its way to billions of homes one way or another
6:21me the number three
6:26the tumor YouTube will that you’re watching this video on our number three
6:31right now as the world’s most popular video streaming domain
6:35and one of the most visited Web sites in general
6:38it should be no surprise that this business logo would scream its weight
6:42onto this list
6:43other something colorful about the logo up its parent company
6:46Google YouTube logo ultimately takes the bronze
6:49for it’s me. simple design which gives newcomers
6:53a hint up what their in for watching lotsa stuff
6:56number two the golden arches mcdonald’s
7:00the golden arches and the company they represent
7:03are a fast-food force to be reckoned with at the most successful fast-food
7:07restaurant chain
7:08in terms of revenue McDonald’s logo has been seen the world over
7:12as the company is served literally billions and customers
7:15originally part of the store design but eventually incorporated
7:19into the logo as part of the restaurant’s name in the late sixties
7:23the golden arches were an attempt by the McDonald brothers to get their burger
7:26joint noticed
7:27and it worked for better or worse this logo has appeared everywhere
7:32from the company’s commercials to amusement park outlets
7:35have cash on me
7:37I from 100 in
7:42before we unveil our leading logo here are some
7:45honorable mentions it
8:04number one the face watch macho dot com are
8:09her just getting number one the swoosh
8:13Nike day
8:17taking the top spot on our list is the check mark logo from the world’s most
8:22athletic and footwear brand designed in 1971 by graphic designer Carolyn
8:27who was originally paid thirty-five dollars for her work
8:31the swoosh became a living legend in commerce despite company founder Phil
8:36initial hesitation about it warned and advertised by thousands a athletes
8:40around the globe professionals and little leaguers alike
8:43the swoosh stands as the quintessential trademark
8:46acknowledged above and beyond its sportswear group emerging
8:50as a fashion statement for non athletic trend setters and
8:53as a pop culture phenomenon in entertainment releases
8:59alright do you agree with our list what do you think is the most iconic business
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