Tony Robbins 3 Ways To Grow Your Business


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0:03I’ve story robbins again
0:04welcome the session number three what are the only three ways to grow your
0:09the way to create geometric growth as we talk a little bit about philosophy and
0:14strategy if changing your states in getting people for months and how to
0:17maximize resources now
0:19but we’re gonna go beyond the leadership to the mechanics now
0:22we all need a plan fact if you work with one other coaches they’ll tell you that
0:27trying to have a a business plan like a five-year business plan today
0:31is a joke we really need more biz a map
0:34because the world is changing so rapidly right now the economy technology change
0:39happens more rapidly than any time in history
0:41all the information that we’ve ever accumulate in the history of mankind
0:45thousands of years now gets doubled about every three years
0:49it’s happening faster and faster so today to think I know it’s gonna be like
0:53five years from now
0:54is ridiculous but what I do need is an overall map
0:58a map that can answer five questions for me
1:01and that alternately leads to what this DVD is about which says
1:05these are the exact three ways I’m gonna grow my business and the next six to 12
1:09to 18 months
1:11and here are the numbers were going to do it by what’s
1:15really ironic as it doesn’t matter what business you’re an again what do you
1:18sell b2b year
1:19in a BBC to consumers what are your you know
1:22something something you’re selling a product that’s well you know marketing a
1:26service to businesses
1:27whether you’re in a place where you doing real estate whether you’re selling
1:30high technology whether you’re exclusively on the web
1:33what you’re selling the government doesn’t matter the process
1:36there’s only be three ways to grow your business so we’re going to introduce
1:40those freeways here’s what I wanna make sure you do in this particular session
1:43I want skip showing up each time you’re up this from now on you’ll just
1:47start your sessions but i wanna mark this one out because
1:50if you just listen this DVD go this makes answer yes I know back
1:55you’re gonna cheat yourself big-time what you want to do is take what we’re
1:59talking about
1:59that we try to make so simple that people
2:02won’t feel the follow-through build do what’s necessary to get the result
2:06this DVD is really the result over $25 plus your relationship with a different
2:12mine Jay Abraham
2:13these three distinctions came out over time remember sitting down with him
2:16doing this interview and saying
2:18cash check you know I work with so many business unit with tens of thousands of
2:23all different kinds and industries and you’ve noticed there’s only so many ways
2:26to market
2:27there’s only so many ways to change things but realtors to do
2:31one way and people that Selebi to be doing another in some people the travel
2:35business do
2:36these big organizational needs there so many different ways but
2:39you learn how to cross-pollinate that you were so many strategies for
2:42increasing a business
2:43but people get overwhelmed when they hear too much and we both want to give
2:47them everything
2:48what if he started them out which is three fakes
2:52that was so clear everyone on the team after they understood this and did the
2:56could figure out a their own business the map
2:59to go from where they are to where they want to be in the next six 12 18 months
3:03and a new
3:04in their got it was real if we are to be giving them three things what were those
3:08three things be
3:09have a macro view it you’ll see at the moment real simple
3:13but when you’re focusing you do it entire business changes
3:17ivins over and over again taken over businesses that were bankruptcy
3:20cleaning around transform them 35
3:2450 75 100 percent sometimes 250 percent literally less than 12 months
3:28I’ve got my own businesses I dot other companies do it as well
3:32so what you really do this if you want to go deeper again your coach can walk
3:36us through with you afterwards but
3:38don’t leave this DVD when it’s done do
3:42the homework sit right now with your team calculate the numbers get the
3:45answers that you need
3:47and most importantly I tell me why
3:50why are we gonna do this no matter what remember reasons come first sec if you get a strong enough why do something
3:59and what you’ve laid out can work you know why do you figure out how to do it
4:04that’s what this is really about and one other thing when you talk to coach might
4:08ask them about
4:09the five questions that help you build the business map
4:12one those questions really got it was what business are you really
4:16in what is you really a you know
4:19some people you know the old adage the people in the railroad doesn’t stop
4:22a real business didn’t realize there in the transportation business
4:26for the richest man in the world and trucks were being made by Ford
4:30they could have bought all afford for pennies a small percentage what they own
4:33but they thought
4:34know now we know what does this word we’re hearing the railroad business you
4:37know the adage
4:39could no longer rule around those guys went from the richest in a little too
4:43summer the poorest in the world because the game changed
4:46today the game changes a lot to keep ask yourself what business and i really in
4:50we really need to do to my customers second question
4:54wireline business if you have a business map you got the reasons they’re gonna
4:57keep pushing you
4:59why my business what are the conditions regionally
5:02when people tell me you know new business owners will say I am you know I
5:05got the business so that I could have more free time
5:09good that’s like saying I like to have a child so I could have more free time
5:12why’d you get a business originally why you in this business today
5:17you gonna have the reasons are gonna make you succeed in fall through
5:21can also where’s the gap between where you are and where you wanna be
5:24why you want to be here was the gap how you gonna close that gap
5:28third question our coaches walk you through is the question why you might
5:31want to do is evil we start if you want that is
5:34who am I really in this business there’s three kinds of people
5:38there’s a person who is be incredibly talented gifted
5:42artist somebody was a special skill that starts most businesses
5:46they were this incredible genius and software in it and why should I work for
5:50this company I’m start this thing myself
5:52but what they love to do most is create software
5:55you don’t manage people very well and they don’t manage
5:59the risks very well that I want for your text they just keep wanting to do
6:03that making that product that your skills you wanna make sure you spend
6:06more time doing that
6:07and you get some good managers you get a great entrepreneurs a partner
6:11are you the kinda person who really loves to manage people
6:14and processes that skill every business needs you
6:18but got own miss Killah make sure you spend most of your time effectively
6:22not trying to do things that really you’re not the artist you’re not the
6:26skilled one in that area it’s not your total talent
6:28you’re telling is the people and process management
6:32are you the entrepreneur are you the person wants to take big risks
6:35you wanna put yourself on the line. your money your time your energy
6:39Yukon sleeping how to expand this and shape it
6:43every business needs people that are great are discrete towns great skilled
6:47we need people to great managers are many great entrepreneurs
6:51might be important for you as you look for your coached Creek on your business
6:54map to go
6:55what business are we in today business do we need to be a
6:59why begin this business ritually why we need now where’s the gap
7:02who are we with the best artist talents
7:06people get something Kobe Bryant hasn’t unbelievable gift he makes what twenty
7:10seven million dollars a year
7:12the manager everybody wants to be makes about seven million dollars a year
7:16you know the entrepreneur lost money with the Lakers last year
7:20so some people BB me on twitter is always the answer figure out who you are
7:24now spend more time without that’s what our coaches can help you with this well
7:27fourthly forgot where you are
7:31where you are means where you in your own life cycle
7:34we of seasons a springtime rely for youth we just got so much energy can
7:39just burn it you have to think about it
7:40a summertime when we start to figure out how to apply ourselves maybe
7:44in our 30’s store forties maybe of all
7:48autumn where one of forties or fifties maybe early sixties and
7:52we’re not power youth worked hard in the springtime in
7:56you worked hard to the summer you’ve mastered some months so you really now
7:59in that place we are starting to reap rewards
8:01from all those years a commitment or maybe you’re in winter
8:05maybe your palm 60’s or 70’s or 80’s
8:08and you’re now the old river tripe your person has
8:12value that you want to give you one a mentor people
8:15the reason I say that is your gonna look at your business or your management to
8:19the way you run this business differently in your twenties in your
8:22thirties and forties and fifties
8:24their 60’s or 70’s to make sense
8:27right now I’m just kinda plant some seeds before you start this process if
8:30your plant remember
8:31it’s great to have your plan but how you can apply it space know what business
8:35you’re really and what does she should be a
8:37it’s based on why you’re in it that’s going to get you to follow through
8:41knowing where the gaps are you are close based on who you’re
8:45are you that person that creates the product be the person that manages the
8:49processes are you got a large banner
8:51in a sport where you are you know
8:54where are you right now is a business are you planning new
8:57you know a little time we’re just getting going are you a teenager the
9:00company’s growing like crazy really fast
9:04are you young adult we start to say okay we gonna do fewer things the doing
9:07we put systems in place are you in a position where now you’re in prime
9:13the business has systems and we’re growing our sales
9:16in our profits you company its aging
9:19again these are things that are coaches can go over with you don’t plant the
9:22seed with you want because
9:24if a company is just starting to grow you got a manager differently than if
9:27the company is mature
9:28or aging if that makes sense to the company’s brand new we going to do
9:31things very differently
9:33where are you where your own life cycle where you in the business life cycle
9:37this is what we teach a business mastery programs as well we take
9:40for five hours on this is that most people say that understanding the
9:44business map
9:45understanding where they are in the business life cycle knowing that the two
9:48different things each time
9:49we ask people to value what we’ve never had anybody say that that day was less
9:53than a million dollars
9:54so people come to smash we’d love to have you or get your coach let them
9:58start to explain to you
10:00how to decide when to do what based on where you are
10:03where’s your industry you know one of the companies that I have was
10:07in the television business in the infommercial dismissed
10:10we start out that this is to give you a sense when it was fairly new
10:13I was one of the first companies in that area and we grew with my partner zagat
10:17the rancor corporation
10:19we expanded and that industry grew we were the top of it we did incredibly
10:24I still have some interracial they still haven’t been quite successful but the
10:27industry is AG I could be in my prime
10:31my part could be in its prime but now all very few people watching
10:35infommercial we start out there were 35 a 50% chance
10:38now there’s five hundred channels and nobody watches ’em I
10:42we all get off Apple TV year you get out of your DVD your DVR should say
10:47you known am just most people are watching tells me flip through the
10:51they skipped through that area you it’s hard to be ubiquitous when there’s five
10:55choices and
10:56very few people have been looking all five other choices so now even if we
10:59maximize our business
11:01you have to know the season what stage
11:04where is the industry which means you know that getting now utilize the
11:08internet as an example which is
11:09part of this program by the way so think about where you are in your life where
11:14you or your company
11:15where you are in the life cycle of your industry and maybe take a look at where
11:19we are in the life cycle love
11:21even the economy you know there’s winters
11:24things all time for you to do things differently than springtime when
11:27everybody’s just has to optimism when they go
11:29again I’m telling you this because your coach can walk you through it in
11:33you thinking about your business you wanna business map these want some other
11:36questions and by the question is
11:38what’s next want to know what this issue million
11:42once you know you know what does she need to be and what you know why your
11:46business number two in
11:47why you weren’t originally why unit now what’s gonna drive you or the gaps are
11:51which know who you are you make sure you get
11:54the right talented people the right managers in right entrepreneurs working
11:57together with the same goals
11:59which you know where you are so you can maximize wherever you are
12:02in your life in your company in your industry in the economy
12:07then you start to know where to go next now that seems like a lot to put in
12:11front of you but I just one plant the seed so if you want to before you begin
12:14you can see these five questions and I’ll look she confronted you
12:17but if you want to forget all that refusing to me I wanna map
12:21I just want a real clean three-step process
12:24that we create that’s based on a real numbers that’s gonna grow our business
12:27by after remix 6 12 18 months
12:30or 20 percent that’s what you’re gonna get this next DVD
12:33right I won’t be jumping in anymore he was going to be going to the program for
12:37out here but i just want to plant that seed with you that
12:40business plans for five years forget get a map map will show you when things
12:44here still how to get there if you wanna map to really work
12:47take advantage of your coach because they know the map really well
12:51they can help answer some questions and guide you along the way we want to
12:54maximize results for you and for your organization
12:57so thanks for listening let’s get started with wanna be
13:01only three ways to grow your business how do you get
13:04geometric growth but the journey begin

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