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0:03the idea of our much money came about asked Laura
0:07with trying to convince me to go to a music festival
0:10and I’m a big fan of hail said the idea of standing in a muddy field
0:15in flat wellies really didn’t film a bit weakness johnnie
0:19and I remember seeing Victoria Beckham throw out the first pitch at the Dodger
0:25where in some reading great white strain and
0:28and I thought had a fantastic we cared
0:31and by paris watch monies to wear a festival
0:35practical but stylish and have a
0:38when we went to patch a pair we realized that never existed
0:42said we thought that makes men
0:49we were in fact came when we launched the business
0:52in that mean black with the Royal Bank of Scotland to rest in finance
0:56and detecting TV hefty game
0:59we change available to people looking to raise finance
1:03who don’t have thanks to be able to secure all guaranteed loans
1:07and the press pass was really straightforward and in Palm
1:11our business manager at the World Bank of Scotland guided us through the price
1:16and and the brain a 25,000 pounds learned through the FTC game
1:21and me when onto raise another 25,000 pounds land
1:25and then fifty thousand pounds at the jack can find
1:29and growth and expansion with stark initially was just and kinda different
1:33said the water
1:34and seeing how to sell and can it be so very very well
1:38and that kind of and get that forms to them by the next docket was really key
1:42situation having the money
1:44find stocks and stock animation is a very slow process began with cash flow
1:47very well
1:48had to start with
1:54meant da case
1:55and we’ve got to and online specific wanted to return as
1:59at the biggest been the one to shop and second he’s been easy well as
2:02and probably our that the system is gone vigilantes
2:06Aesop’s and it’s working very well X is it
2:09kinda sad and starter now know that we really were and build good relationships
2:13with it can defend
2:15is the right place have a product and sits well with that
2:18there are friends we just didn’t have to venture
2:22onto the high strength and now we’ve secured and awesome retail presence
2:27can have online and Menards at looking to expand
2:31I where part for me a onto the high strain and we’ve just six yards
2:36and every detail I call cake you back in London which is
2:40is fantastic far as
2:45it’s not as difficult
2:47sheathing getting into the big retailers providing you’ve got a great products
2:51and and confident sales Pathan who can do that job in
2:55looking for us we have Mike Pro France
2:58he can I think each have a great product
3:01and don’t think it’s as hot as people often said
3:05to get speak there I passion if you speak to enough people along the channel
3:08will give the right name or email address
3:10or telephone and concept punishment necessary says the products goodness
3:14that is right for them the cat aka might be small and to begin with but then
3:17that’s obviously
3:18and it can be channeled to build and bigger and bigger takes
3:22big artist
3:27the main marketing methods which have been most successful for as
3:31and number one would have to be Dragons Den
3:34and where a very ambitious business
3:38and weenie decided that we wanted much money to be
3:41a household name in the UK ask us that we had and very small marketing but
3:48and we have to look how we could best spends that
3:51what which bring its the best dream on and we were looking for an investor have
3:56my me when i’m Jack and dance every thought the opportunity to get
4:00fantastic exposure as well as an investor
4:03ways and one of the reasons that we apply to come on the gen
4:07and 18 anything
4:11ahead and also be used as social media said Facebook Twitter we find that’s
4:17really great to engage with the end consumer
4:20and it’s a great way for his team get we sat Shaw
4:24out product development and in which is dying and
4:27that need the Internet and analysts said that the power of Jack and Diane have
4:32been very successful far as
4:34yeah I think am thing with riches rally was important to us and to get
4:38you got trees interest in not just kind of cryptic have a test compound that no
4:41ball people and keep an interesting keep followers
4:44and just keep him the increase in model ever found
4:47this is what a master
4:53they were looking for
4:55mainly because if what I mentioned earlier with regard to add a cash flow
4:58situation with Diana
4:59by contending with brown mini and then we have to wait for the sales
5:03came in and the money came in from that consent order to buy the next contender
5:07is really really important to have that cash investment to keep cash let’s keep
5:11on the stock to thank you bring out all if the
5:15and 65,000 pounds but we receive from fear was invested
5:19back into stock and its many enabled our business to crack high and rapid rates
5:28changes that the is brought to her and to actually and
5:32you know each is proper knows which changes the advice that is given
5:35and image tame and are always that it’s meant I was given advice is to Paul
5:41and and we think that he’s just invaluable to us
5:44and we thought we knew a lot when we stacked with me before and raised and
5:48nothing as involved as crazy amount of information can get from him
5:51and Sir Paul just when you’re retailers obviously mention in the theater pat the
5:55business it was already know
5:57and nothing to look elsewhere definitely and this type of work in which they had
6:02fantastic it’s brought a lot of structure to our business
6:05and from the financial and the operations management side of the
6:10we have a lot more stretch have got a lot more visibility
6:13with regards to the information we obtain which
6:17enables us to make really great business decisions
6:20and our strategy moving forward
6:2818 they are
6:29nice that we spend three thousand pound a month for like 10 which kinda shocked
6:33that with
6:34and put some money into Mac 10 and this year we’ve taken on
6:38and a PR company and tweet happening a lot money per month
6:42into Mac it’s an and give you some idea is already has paid off its progress
6:47and OK Magazine recently and forthcoming festivals
6:51will be an and how much can be hosting a gifting suite where they can fam
6:56guess to the celebrities have to sign a disclaimer to say that any favorite to
7:00take gift
7:01and do you photograph and we’ve got the right to use that
7:05image and wherein 1 2010 yeah
7:08I think great piece of advice for small businesses is to surround yourself with
7:13and myself Michael are very good at what we doing
7:17but we not marketing experts will not finance here
7:20so we do you consultants and agents say take Hannah
7:24bring a strong 18 July business
7:27can invest in this so then things is very important
7:31my estimate the time but a very close
7:37I think the greatest challenge he faced growing the business
7:41fire games and can if the plane gym and
7:46and we have a real issue like many business days with regards to forecast
7:51and star
7:53and we have and massive demand for our project
7:57and safe I’ll with not being able to fulfil that demand would supply
8:01says Stockhouse is a a major challenge which
8:04the A’s working with us haunted help overcome
8:08and and cash flow and like any new business which is growing at such a
8:12rapid rate like how as
8:13and keeping an eye on on the cash flair in Sac critical to
8:24one-pieces and advice that can
8:26any business down to try not to plead the business drive mini
8:29and to give an example in the two and a half years a trade in
8:32and what end over 750,000 pound and
8:36in at two and a half years acting full-time 18 months
8:39large people ten performance and senators just come on both full term for
8:43the last three lakes
8:44and and you know Chinese many resources
8:48and to get this off the ground and that the other what will come in time
8:56the trademark was critical to our business and to protect the name
9:00a power plans and went to LA it was a really straightforward
9:05and simple press of the Playing for Change meh which we actually did
9:09in houston was found and we we must know just how valuable
9:13any of intellectual property to our business
9:17and we have come up
9:20against competitors who have an
9:23have different project but marketing then ask wage
9:27Wellington babes and we were able to challenge that
9:31expect from me and to get them to change
9:34the description of that particular project

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