Small Business Tips and Tricks: Insurance


Complete Video Transcript

0:01hi and welcome to another edition a small business tips and tricks brought
0:04to you by the Niagara Falls
0:05offices Enterprise Centre here at the city of Niagara Falls today we’re going
0:09to talk about insurance
0:10obtaining sufficient and affordable insurance has become increasingly
0:15in the problems Ontario we’re living in a time
0:18when people commonly choose litigation when they have been an accident
0:22this means that you must have insurance to cover the cost lawsuits
0:26as a part of your business protection closing your eyes keep your fingers
0:32is no longer option like it used to be so what its insurance
0:36insurance is a contract between you and your insurer
0:40the contract protects you from specific risks
0:43and Los when you pay insurance premium
0:47your money is placed into a pool of money along with thousands
0:50other consumers that who was then used to remembers
0:54any claims from that pool members so how does this work
0:59an insurance company klux money call premiums
1:03and from all its clients they use that money to cover the cost any misfortune
1:08of their clients businesses your business may have assets such as
1:12vehicles property Lance or an employee or partner
1:17that may be indispensable to protect these assets and to protect yourself
1:23you must obtain business and commercial liability insurance
1:27please contact an insurance broker agent in your local area
1:31to find out more information about insurance and how you can protect
1:35your business and your assets and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate
1:40to contact the Niagara Falls offices Enterprise Centre
1:43at 905 356 7521
1:48on the city’s never falls website at Niagara Falls .ca
1:52or on our Facebook page Facebook sloshed and asked ask the EC
1:57thank you and have a great day

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