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0:01the themes
0:06ok how my name’s Frank Furness
0:09I and II with Genesis advisory services were in North London based company
0:15that specializes in protection life insurance
0:18what I want to speak to you about today is
0:21if you’re a small business and you know 72 eighty percent to businesses are
0:25small businesses
0:26your small businesses you’re self-employed
0:29you all the business now can you remember the days when you used to work
0:34for a big company and you get three to five times life cover
0:37if anything happened to you they would give your monthly income get a big
0:41pension that was gonna buy you out if you stayed with the company
0:44the challenges you decided one day we’re gonna take a risk
0:48and going on you didn’t feel like working for a boss anymore and you’ve
0:51got this great little company you got
0:53two people working for you gotten accountancy practice you’ve got a dental
0:57practice whatever it is
0:58and you love working for yourself you love the business
1:01you love the freedom it gives you and more importantly you love the income
1:05the challenges in with a big company anymore you don’t get that three to five
1:10times last cover
1:11you don’t have the pension I you don’t have
1:14the security that if anything happens to you there’s a monthly income that’s
1:18going to happen because a lot of big firms
1:19or pay union maybe up to two years and
1:23you don’t have that so what are you doing
1:27rockne something happens to you in and you know something
1:30what happened to you might not die but you might have a heart attack
1:33you might have a car accident anything like it happens to your of work
1:38and it could be three or four months that you’re off work a short period what
1:42could be longer could be four or five years
1:44what is going to happen to you will use it income going to come from
1:48effect my biggest thing is how long can you survive
1:52on your savings and if you call on surviving your savings if you have to go
1:57to the bank
1:58how would they find you if you not in the business anymore remember you all
2:02the business
2:03you are the dangers that makes it happen if you look at things are not going to
2:06happen you the accountant
2:07that makes it happen now we specialize in helping small businesses what we do
2:12is we go in
2:13we take a look at the small business and we say to them
2:16well let’s have a look at all the aspects life insurance we think all
2:20relevant life insurance
2:21wouldn’t it be cool if you can have your life insurance fund by your company
2:25that’s one of the things we can do
2:27we look at your income protection if anything happened to you and you off
2:30work for three months six months 12 months whatever
2:33will provide you up portion all your monthly income
2:37that you will use to we’ll take a look at your watch situation will have a look
2:41at your personal
2:42we’ll take a look at everything I mean this is what we do is we are specialists
2:46in small business there are so many small businesses and we going to do it
2:50in your affordability really all we going to do
2:54is give you peace of mind why not have a check 21 about 20 advises I can help you
2:59anywhere in the UK it’s no obligation will come out take a look at your
3:04really at the end of it it’s then up to you why not give us a call on 0208
3:09387 1525 or
3:13click on the link below would love to meet you thanks so much for watching

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