Minimize Business Loan Rejection, Establish Business Credit Correctly


Complete Video Transcript

0:00if you are already in business or wanting to start a business you probably
0:06already know the importance of a strong credit rating and you know the value of
0:10being able to get your hands on the money you need to begin and grow your
0:14business unfortunately getting that money is no major roadblocks for many
0:19business owners perhaps you’ve already had a loan application denied many
0:24business owners in fact have their financing requests turned down
0:28repeatedly so you know what you need but like many others which you might not
0:34know is how to get it and that’s where this short video can help as you are
0:39watching you can begin to understand both the challenges and the
0:43opportunities for credit in funding as well as how to pick your way through the
0:46maze most effectively statistically the single greatest challenge facing small
0:51business owners he’s getting your hands on suspicion start-up capital and
0:55additional financing for ongoing operational expenses in growth it may
1:00come as no surprise that a primary reason for over fifty percent of small
1:04businesses failing in their first three years he’s under capitalization in other
1:09words they have insufficient credit to get the funding so critical to running
1:13in building their business and the reason for this he’s no one is taught
1:17him how to establish business credit and then how to leverage it into the
1:21financing every business owner so desperately needs can make no mistake
1:25about it if you don’t already have a need for financing the day will come
1:29when you do will you be ready
1:32the biggest mistake business owners make is starting in building their business
1:36is entirely by leveraging their personal credit and personal credit of course can
1:41only go so far and the end result is usually a credit crisis they cannot you
1:47flat on your back and out of the game before you really even get rolling
1:52that’s why we developed a short video to share with you the information you need
1:56to know about creating a business credit asset totally independent of your
2:00personal credit so you can support to start up growth and expansion needs of
2:05your business
2:06all with no risk to your personal credit standing
2:09ng here is another mistake that is made all too often when most business owners
2:14start their business they collect up whatever money they have from savings
2:18personal loans or friends and family they place that money directly into
2:22their business bank account in start standing there is a huge mistake that
2:29same amount of money could have been placed with one of our member banks they
2:32would have issued a dollar for dollar business line of credit reporting to the
2:36business credit agencies this one step put your business on the radar of most
2:41other business lenders who know how impossible it is to get approved for a
2:45bank business loan inside our system we will help you avoid many other business
2:50credit in financing mistakes we will make sure that you build strong business
2:54credit scores and that you were business has access to financing when it comes to
2:59succeeding in business financing the experts agree you absolutely must
3:04establish business credit for your business that is entirely separate from
3:07your personal credit Entrepreneur Magazine you should differentiate your
3:12personal credit from your business credit the Wall Street Journal lenders
3:16check your company’s credit report to see if they want to do business with you
3:20Wells Fargo Bank the longer you delay establishing business credit the longer
3:24you delay taking advantage of business loans as you’ve discovered building a
3:29business credit asset is the key to attracting lenders so how do you do it
3:33the right way
3:34has no leader in small business financing and business credit coaching
3:38we’ve created a proven forced a path to success
3:42step 1 ensure your business meets the lending criteria our system takes you
3:48step-by-step through meeting the 24 . underwriting criteria before you even
3:53apply if even one of these items is missing or incomplete application may be
3:58declined end up in his step to separate your business credit from your personal
4:03credit as quickly and completely as you can step 3 as soon as you have your
4:09business file begin building business credit history
4:13step for introducing you to our networks of thousands of lenders and most
4:18importantly a thorough familiarity with her
4:21underwriting criteria so we can get you into complaints before you apply far too
4:26many business owners apply without knowing whether they even meet the
4:29requirements and then just sit back hoping and praying they might get
4:32approved when you follow our system you know you’re pre-approved before you even
4:38apply one of the things we’ve learned in helping over 50,000 businesses build a
4:43credit they need is this most business owners are so involved in the day-to-day
4:47operations of their business they just don’t get around to setting aside time
4:51to focus on their financial planning then when they need the money
4:54suddenly they realize they have no plan and no credit needless to say they seem
4:59suffer the consequences
5:01we’d rather you not suffer that fate and that is why we’ve developed in the only
5:06certified coaching system that supports you in creating a strong business credit
5:10a sad and then maximizing it to get all the trade credit and cash you need to
5:15grow your business due to the unprecedented level of trust we’ve built
5:19with both John and Bradstreet Experian and Equifax were the only business
5:23credit and funding development company providing direct access to your credit
5:27file in history right within our portal no one else in the industry has this
5:33type of working relationship with a business credit bureaus our coaches
5:37primary objective is always making sure you are successful in this process
5:42doing it in the shortest time and ensuring you end up with the highest
5:45value credit as it possible in fact because their pay is directly tied to
5:50your success you won’t find cochise anywhere with a stronger commitment to
5:54your business success
5:55popular statistics as well as our own experience with clients show an amazing
6:01five hundred and eleven percent increase in successful completion of our program
6:06when you work with a certified credit coach coaching makes all the difference
6:10together our coaches in lung tries to ensure you create the highest value
6:15business credit as tagged in that you apply it to maximizing your access to
6:19funding and lending I encourage you to start today because even as easy as it
6:24is building a business credit as it can take time the sooner you start building
6:29strong business credit scores the sooner you’ll find a financing you need for
6:33business to be successful our objective is simple we want all our business
6:39partners like you to grow and succeed and never become one of those failure
6:43statistics of course we realize you may be unsure of just how much guidance you
6:47need when you’re expecting your business to be the vehicle for achieving your
6:51financial security and lifestyle goals you need to understand that Apple
6:55financing is the fuel that gets you there yet most business owners begin
7:00their journey with an almost empty tank and no plans for filling up the choice
7:04is clearly yours you can either prepare for your journey now or wound up
7:09stranded at the side of the road
7:10watching every opportunity pass you by

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