Insurance Agency Business Plan


Complete Video Transcript

0:01in this brief video on give you some
0:04three tips on how to create your business plan if you’re watching this
0:09chances are good that you’re having trouble writing your business plan
0:13don’t worry lotsa people get stock
0:16simply because they haven’t written a business plan before and therefore
0:20they don’t know what to include my name is Dave Levinsky
0:23on a business plan expert I created this video to help you out
0:27since 1999 my company grow think
0:31has created more than 2,000 business plans and these business plans have
0:36helped our clients
0:37raise more than one billion dollars from investors and lenders
0:41in other words I know a thing or two about how to create business plans
0:45and that’s why i wanna share some free business plan advice with you
0:50right now specifically I want to give you my business plan outline
0:56that I’ve been used with success for more than 10
0:59years so you might want to write this down to get a pen paper
1:03and deftly Miller write this down here the 10 sections
1:07that you should include in your business plan the first section is your executive
1:13which is essentially introduction your business plan
1:16then the next section is your company now says
1:21which gives a little more background next up
1:25is your industry now sets we talk about your market
1:28and trends the fourth section your business plan
1:32is your customer and now says we go more in depth
1:36about your target market the fifth section
1:40is a competitive analysis we provide analysis
1:43have your competition including what differentiates you
1:47from your competitors the six section
1:50is your marketing plan where you lay out your marketing strategy
1:54seventh section of your business plan issue
1:58operations plan we explain how you actually
2:01run or will run your business the next section
2:05the management team is where you provide BIOS
2:09up fifteen the ninth section
2:12is your financial plan will you give financial forecasts
2:17and finally the 10th and last section your business plan
2:21is your appendix were you provide any additional Supporting Information
2:26soon now that you have my business plan outline
2:30you know all 10 sections to include and the next step
2:34this year complete these ten sections but you may want died in San exactly
2:40what to write
2:41in each section your business plan and to help you out
2:45I’ve created a 3 business plan template which provides tips and advice
2:50for all 10 sections to download your free business plan template
2:55go to this website right now www
3:00re BP template dot com
3:03once again www furry
3:07BGP template dot com thanks
3:11and have a great day

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