How To Wake Up Early – The Secret Of Crazy-Successful People


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0:00hey everyone calls you angela here founder high-performance
0:04lifestyle it in this video I’m going to teach you how to
0:07finally start waking up party see
0:10in my experience there’s three types of people in the world one
0:14are the people who are already waking up or you they’re excited they’re motivated
0:17a happy they’re completely
0:19in love with the process who are the people who think that
0:23the first category are completely clinically insane
0:26they don’t wanna wake up early they hated their night owls deal obviously
0:30the think everybody quakes a poorly is a little bit insane
0:34and then there is the third category people who
0:37want to wake up early but they cannot do it or people who want to wake up early
0:42tried before but they fail and I’m going to implied that
0:46you in the third category you’re somebody who’s looking
0:49the wake up Courtney because let’s face it otherwise you wouldn’t still be
0:54so how do how do we could burn and most importantly how did we could go really
0:59Andy excited be motivated be energetic because
1:02anybody can week apart eking you can get your spouse
1:06throw some cold water on you it 3 a.m. in the morning you going to wake up
1:10the problem is not the waking up the problem East wake up
1:14because you want because that’s what makes you happy because
1:17that’s what you wanted to the task is to wake up
1:22and be excited be motivated be productive not be like the
1:26I hate my mornings so that’s what I want to teach you in this video
1:29I want to teach you civil ideas seven concerts that are going to
1:34help you start waking up horny Institue that you can
1:37be excited being leave it about you the in started in a productive
1:41matter yea let’s get started the first idea
1:45is gradual
1:48change if you somebody who wakes up at seven o’clock
1:52now you once there we can have a try if you just go from seven to five
1:56your body your system is going to be like in
1:59this thing happening so instead of growing back by two hours
2:03rolling back 15 minutes so if you’re if you wake up at seven
2:07Stanley Cup 645 get used to that get your entire body get your entire system
2:12get the world around you to start getting used to
2:15we can live are gradual change
2:19get used to those 15 minutes the morning the ones that becomes the norm
2:23rollback in under 15 minutes left for couple dates then roll that another 15
2:28or 10
2:29or 20 and keep rolling back little by little
2:32my little until we get to these are change so
2:35if you’re somebody who wants to star which in about two hours earlier
2:38have to do it in 15 min a chance over couple weeks
2:42how was you going to shock your system way too much
2:45and everything all your habits are going to be waking up early ain’t happening so
2:50is that of findings chain take a little changes
2:54gradual change overtime is going to make it that much easier
2:57fee to start waking up early in a good and positive
3:00matter idea number two ideal number two has to do
3:05with consistency or weekdays
3:08verses weekends you know the wayward
3:11with the way we do things is during the week we do this
3:15and during the weekend we’re completely different we sleep late with a
3:18completely different tasks
3:19but your body does not your bowling Monday in Sunday’s the same exact thing
3:25so if you’re waking up it’s 5am throughout the week and then the weekend
3:29comes in like cool
3:30now it’s time to sleep late you going to confuse your body going to confuse your
3:35and then when one becomes is going to be that much harder for you start waking up
3:39so for the sake of consistency weekends and weekdays
3:44they come one thing star we cannot earlier
3:47whatever days maybe someday East you get up at 6:45
3:51or 60 it but AM or whatever it is weekdays and weekends
3:56need to be the same it least until we actually
3:59internalize the entire process naked habitual make it part of the routine
4:03Danny can experiment if you can sleep in later during the weekends
4:07but why are you doing this while you’re gradually changing rolling back the
4:12wake up the same time during the seven-day
4:15this is going to help you naked into a habit making the routine is going to
4:18make it that much easier
4:20fee to adopt this new change casa number T
4:23often witty is
4:27ride in and you know you much I’m
4:31you might like wat how does that even help me week apart
4:34not full sized when you write something down he take out
4:38a penny or a pass on your ad on a piece of paper
4:42your namely is unit
4:45what you write down you remember 28 percent better
4:49energy person more so when you write it down you right now what time you wanna
4:53wake up
4:53the night before you France’s whom
4:56now she’s being more serious about it now you’re internalizing information
5:01delivered better your brain your minds is which is a little bit
5:05so the night before is a ride on a piece of paper
5:08I want to wake up at and fill in the blank whether
5:12631 a.m. whatever this write-downs is going to
5:16help internalize it going to make it more real for you
5:19going to is going to be better in your brain betting you memory
5:22you months it’s going to be different is going to make it a little bit
5:26easier few quick accord and when it’s dark outside your waking up in your
5:31entire body
5:32although all the voices you had a saying: the wake up
5:35go back to bed you can use any little ammunition get
5:39so write it down is going to help you no bylaw but is going to help you is going
5:44to make
5:44more value for you so the ninety-four ride on a piece of paper
5:48I wanna wake up at this time keep on writing and down as you roll back the
5:53casa number four calls the number for
5:58and kit enough sleep I know
6:01in goals without a doubt but I had to mention
6:05if you go to bed to 2 o’clock because I’ve whatever maybe you went to the
6:10maybe you work all night maybe just gonna force the if you go to bed
6:13through it’s going to be almost impossible for you to wake up at six
6:17and few good feel energetic feel like him a person
6:20so can’t enough sleep getting enough sleep if you go to bed at ten
6:25in the wake up at five and i wanna start waking up at 3
6:29start going to bed any and usual question is what is enough sleep
6:34and here’s many many different studies research done
6:38and there is up late or have information but there’s no magic number
6:42your number is different in mind so experiment which usually
6:46go at least seven hours it can be anywhere between seven
6:49up to nine hours but always make sure you get
6:52in the seven hours or you’re going to your energies gonna go down
6:56you’re going to be completely grown in the next day you’re not going to be
7:00you’re not going to be successful and then the day after
7:03forget about waking up or so goes without saying
7:07get enough sleep waking up early does not mean he don’t sleep enough
7:11you could of two hours because you want to make a party it means
7:15rolling back the entire sleeping process a little bit
7:18backwards so get enough sleep it goes without saying
7:22don’t get enough sleep is going to be impossible he to wake up
7:25and feel like a normal Shivani casa
7:29or idea number five don’t lose
7:33as the singles use knows you lose
7:37when your alarm rings ghetto dong
7:40Regents kids clothes but then because when he’s knows
7:44you know actually awake but you’re not actually asleep it’s kinda like in the
7:47and you know help yourself oftentimes
7:51if you get out the gun issue that much more excited a few snows for 15 minutes
7:55then again a
7:56and of the banking on hugh I’ll learn a little bit groggy a little
8:01more frustrated that little less excited about what
8:04so dos nos and the easiest way for you to prevent things nosing
8:08is grab your alarm clock limit on the outer
8:12side the rule you know Wonderland look is next year you wake up you like
8:16are not even forty awake you reach out to you press
8:21if your alarm focus on the outer in the other room or the other side of
8:24your bedroom when you have to get out physically get up
8:28goal they’re seeking president but then chances are
8:31you’re not going to go back to bed so don’t lose
8:34and easiest way to do it is put your I’ll ankle gets far away
8:39as you can this way you get up you go there
8:42and then what you up here not going to be like are
8:45let me go back to bed what you up you will like okay and to get more
8:49so dolls casa
8:52number six and this one is a little bit
8:55a look at how their job out a bit
8:59I watch too wake up literally john bobbitt
9:02don’t leave the usual ago stretcher arm don’t take five minutes to get up
9:08he get out the open your eyes he jumped out a bit
9:11is going to break up your metabolism is going to pump you up with energy
9:15and it might sound a little funny you might call it a little how do you
9:19money works promise you wake up
9:23the more morning jump outta bed quite literally jump outta bed
9:26course don’t injure yourself don’t fall back on your spouse or something else
9:31jump out a bit with this much excitement as much energy as you can
9:34in trying to see how that helps you wake up in a much better way
9:38going to be much more cost that much more energetic much more money they
9:42in going to make up much last you know
9:46when you open your eyes and you take like 10 minutes to wake up all those 10
9:49minutes your
9:50hang a week kinda sleepy an intimate but when he jumped outta bed
9:54in you go stop your clock because your alarm is on the other room
9:59you going to be waking up just like that going to be ready
10:03to attack you date to be productive to be successful to be energetic
10:07be happy last this one
10:11is the most important that’s why say that for last best for last
10:15number Sam
10:18get excited Jan excited from the night before
10:22derail why your morning is going to be excited
10:25because if you wake up in like palm and I need to go to work or any the rules
10:30call for any to listing
10:32doesn’t matter what time you wake up when you wake up without excitement
10:35in his heart even gathered that but
10:39if you figure out what how to make in mornings exact
10:43if you wake up in like hike in a way to get up this day is gonna be awesome I’m
10:47going to do this this and this and this
10:49going to achieve that i’m gonna be dispersing engine power to bed
10:53with excitement you can do it and any time with the day
10:57in this case in time for the night so figure out how to make your mornings
11:020 what’s exciting but the next day
11:05so while you riding down the ninety-four spent two minutes
11:09spent thirty seconds if you’re up why your next date
11:12is exciting why do you have to wake up because once you see how that why
11:17it’s going to transform this entire process going to make it
11:21that much easier because when you wake up and you can’t wait to get outta bed
11:26it is much different than if you wake up the nyquil I hate my life
11:30if you had more excitement all those
11:33is going to be that much harder and if you don’t have any excitement
11:38written it’s not going to make a difference when he wake up 8 o’clock
11:41or chemical or you know 2 p.m.
11:44as a matter well once you get excited you can
11:48ask excited you get so excited you wake up it any time during the night
11:52just like that its all matter of excitement
11:56so once you put all this then please post work
12:00do gradual change here consistent weekdays and weekends become the same
12:04you write it down you internalize the little bit better you get enough sleep
12:09he don’t knows you put the alarm on the opposite side of the room
12:13you jump on a bed with excitement and you actually morning very excited
12:18that’s how you wake up or in that hell no you wake up early but you productive
12:22you start your day
12:23in a good excited positive thing genetic matter
12:27and that makes whole world difference makes for wall war the difference
12:31green here the so that is how we wake up already
12:35and started a with excitement
12:39just follow this several call since the very easy to implement
12:42as you can see there is no science the way there is no
12:46rocket science is nothing to fear out images consistency
12:50gradual change excitement in a little bit of movement
12:53jumping on a bed and going to stop your lying because you put it this far ways
12:58that’s it there is no secret the word there is no
13:02little magic there is no all but you’re not a morning person
13:06you can go you can wake up and any on as long as you follow
13:09the seven simple steps you can wake up it anytime
13:12any day of the week so now I have a question for you
13:16what kind you want that we can his 3 a.m.
13:20he’s 5a and 60m what’s early for you
13:23right down in the comment section below I wanna know
13:27what time you wanna wake up so dayquil take 30 seconds
13:31write it down in the comments section below the staining I’m curious to know
13:35do then file this process this is very easy
13:39take massive action make things happen and seal
13:42in the next

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