How to Succeed in Business


Complete Video Transcript

0:08in this video i’m gonna talk about the business success cycle
0:13and to help me here i’ve grown a little diagram
0:17and uh…
0:19this is the business success cycle and in addition to that
0:23first of all the business success cycle always starts with goals
0:28there your goals the use that
0:30and again he this is going to be different than what a lot of people do
0:34because well everybody breakdown below
0:36and i will be no different from that
0:39you start by writing and your goals he starred by setting them
0:43then what happens is is that you
0:45have resources available to you and we’ll go into detail on these in a
0:49but these resources and your goals
0:52argues together
0:53and then you interact with people and services and these resources you you put
0:59them together to interact
1:01and then once you have interactions with these resources and goals
1:06then you’ll have success
1:08now success doesn’t always come the way you think it will
1:13but you’ll get some measure of success this is your feedback
1:17and then of course to your goals are adjusted accordingly or new ones are set
1:22or however you choose to do that
1:24and then you combine that with your new resources because every time you have
1:27interactions you get a new resources
1:30and the new interact with those and you have another success
1:34and so it continues
1:35like this process
1:37continues until you ultimately reach
1:40whatever goals you want to reach the biggest goals of all
1:43so retired a little bit about that so
1:46remember there’s gold resources interactions and success
1:53let’s talk about each one of these things and some detail now
1:57uh… let’s talk about goals
2:00uh… as i mentioned every successful endeavor every successful endeavor
2:05uh… begins with a goal
2:07now of gold is not written down is
2:10only a reaction as i mentioned before you wanna write these goals down
2:15you understand
2:17that uh… or i should say uh…
2:20when you understand what you want from your business
2:23uh… this will help you identify it
2:25uh… the type of business that you need to start
2:29uh… when you factor in some of your resources
2:32such as your skills your talents
2:35uh… perhaps you have money
2:38or not
2:39then uh… you begin to hone in on your goals accordingly
2:44was part of our resources for saket
2:47when you consider your business goals
2:49you begin dot uh…
2:51identify and inventory those things that you have
2:56that you have information
2:58did you have intellectual property
3:01if you have relationships with people
3:03their uh…
3:05that you could make profitable
3:07uh… maybe you have access to capital
3:09maybe have a certain type of equipment
3:11or training
3:14uh… you identify these things new catalog them
3:17uh… and you also look at the things you don’t have the things that you need
3:22uh… in this process may
3:24help you choke it down into uh… smaller goals or sub goals
3:30uh… next
3:31you have your interactions that was the piece of the bottom
3:34uh… once you’ve been in kuwait all your resources and you’re ready to go
3:38meet with people
3:40you begin to gather the additional things that you need
3:44uh… you might
3:45begin attracting customers if you’re not far along
3:49but be aware
3:50this is where you need to be able to sell your concept were your
3:54product or service to others
3:56this is where people are going to ask you
3:58uh… some very challenging questions about what you hope to do
4:03and if they’re going to introduce the elements of doubt
4:07you need to be prepared you need to have a little bit of a thick skin
4:10uh… you need to anticipate these questions
4:14uh… you need to think through
4:16and develop the skills uh…
4:19to finger on your feet
4:20and um…
4:22he and his big questions
4:24and uh…
4:26have the answer is ready to go
4:28uh… regarding those issues that people me bring up
4:31and then you’re gonna always get questions for things that you didn’t
4:35and this is the good part because that’s what’s going on
4:39build your value propositions was convicting therefore you and uh…
4:44make you stronger
4:46and in the last one over here where success okay
4:50now let’s look at success in other way mccain some people look at success is
4:55having a reach their goal hundred-percent or have a a having uh…
5:00you know made a lot of money or what have you was redefined success
5:06if you have jected we review the feedback that you get
5:09even if you do
5:10don’t think you reach your goal
5:12you’re now in a situation where you can identified
5:15uh… new goals
5:17uh… you can modify the ones you made
5:19you can scrap the idea and start over
5:22you know it really doesn’t matter at this point
5:24the the key is is that you
5:26take that the back
5:28which is success
5:29set new goals
5:31and start over
5:33you don’t need siding is is is that
5:35uh… as you continue from one cycle for the next
5:39uh… always improving
5:42you are being successful
5:44for that is the very definition of success
5:47success is the method a lot methodology cold winter again
5:52them at the top
5:54methodical there’s the word i’m trying to say the methodical
5:58progression toward a worthy goal
6:01success is not just the arrival at your goal
6:04is the process
6:05it’s the uh… it’s the goals
6:08the resources the interactions that process that you take
6:12uh… to arrive at your goals
6:15that define your success
6:22a lot of times during these videos
6:25i’m going to think of something that is probably a little less technical and
6:30maybe deals a little bit more with mindset
6:34on the combine a lot of mindset discussion or concepts
6:40with the technical that that i introduced through these videos
6:44and and so do indulge me i have a
6:48inspirational note here
6:50uh… for you because not everyone is going to reach their goals on the first
6:54trip around the city business success cycle
6:57and it’s really easy to quit
7:00uh… if you’ve if you’re feeling frustrated or discourage in some way
7:05here’s a thought were actually it’s a poem written by robert w service
7:11and idle
7:13presenting it to you because i hope it’ll carry through you through the
7:16tough times
7:17the the times that you uh…
7:20will no doubt face if they haven’t begun already
7:23the poem is called carry-on
7:28it’s an easy to fight
7:30when everything’s right
7:31in your mad with the thrill in the glory
7:35it’s easy to cheer when victories near
7:37and and wallowing feels their quarry
7:41it’s a different saw when everything’s wrong
7:44when you’re feeling
7:45informally moral
7:47but it’s tend to look at when its tenth one
7:50and it will be reason
7:53but with a lot but got little soldier informal
7:59there isn’t much punch in your blow
8:01your glittering and staring in hitting up blind
8:04your body and blood in had never you money carry-on
8:10you happen to goes to the show
8:12it’s looking like death but while you were breath
8:15carry on my son
8:19and so when the strike in the battle of life it’s easy to fight when you’re
8:23it’s the easiest way
8:26and be brave
8:27when the dawn of success is beginning
8:30but the men who can meet despairing defeat
8:33women’s sheer
8:35with this year
8:36there’s the man of god choosing
8:38but then you can fight
8:40to heaven zone height
8:42is the man who can fight
8:48things never were looming so black
8:51but they’ll you haven’t a cowardly street and know you are lucky you never
8:55are weak
8:59very separate another attack
9:01it’s looking like hell but you never can tell
9:05carry-on old man
9:09there are some would drift out in the desert sand out
9:12and some will improve issues while
9:15there are others i know
9:16who imparted ego because of the heaven
9:21but to labor was destined to give it your best
9:24for the sweetness enjoy the giving
9:27to help us along with a hand in the sun
9:29why there’s the real sunshine within
9:32carry-on carry-on
9:35fight the good fight and true
9:38be leaving your mission
9:39greet life with each year
9:41your big work to do and that’s why you’re here
9:46but the world a better for you
9:49and at last when you die
9:51let this be your cry
9:53carry on my soul

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