How to Sell Business Insurance


Complete Video Transcript

0:00this is John Kelly financial representative talking to you today
0:02about how to sell business insurance
0:05so to sell business insurance
0:08I’m typically when talking about business insurance we’re talking about
0:12benefits group benefits such as hell
0:15medical vision and dental in addition to some disability in life
0:21we could also be talking about liability coverages for the business as well
0:25in order to be able to sell these benefits
0:29to the company’s you are going to have to be licensed
0:32in each of these individual areas which you plan to
0:37offer the insurance so typically if you’re going to be doing
0:41health insurance life insurance disability you owe me a life hell
0:45license which can be obtained through your individual state
0:49its licensing examination that you have to take
0:53past that you can be licensed through that I
0:56other types of coverage is they might sell it liability
1:00you will have to obtain additional license for that as well
1:04but typically just too often a group benefits Life & Health license and then
1:08been contracting touring company that offers these types of benefits
1:12will be sufficient I and it’s important that you are properly trained by the
1:17company that you are contracted through
1:19if you intend to sell different companies you up to
1:22obtain contracts through them as well but
1:26if you just getting started it’s important that you receive some guidance
1:30and training because
1:31group benefits can be extremely complicated
1:35especially when dealing with executive benefits for top-level
1:39employees and management something out these these plans
1:44and deciphering everything coming up with the right plan for the business can
1:48be difficult
1:49if you haven’t had experienced midfield so I would suggest getting some
1:53some training and some guidance from somebody can spend field for 5 10
1:57fifteen years before going out in China sell these benefits
2:01suspend jump Ally Financial Representative talking to you today
2:04about how to sell business insurance

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