How to Get to the TOP of GOOGLE FAST (more traffic) part 1


Complete Video Transcript

0:00hey there it’s Kyle again and here’s another text free
0:03died to improving your website and this one has to do
0:07with getting a lot of people to visit your site so you may wanna grab a
0:12notebook on this one because what you’re about to get
0:14is like a virtual traffic possibly a company ascendant really simple
0:19repeatable techniques but you can literally turn on
0:23anytime you want to get droll zav new visitors to your website
0:27100 percent free and it works beautifully
0:30and consistently every single time and if you implement
0:34although the tactics here it’ll be like an open traffic fire hydrant
0:38because he won’t be able to contain the amount of people you have visiting your
0:43okay let’s begin free traffic can mean a lot of things but in this video
0:48I’m only talking about how you can get a stampede
0:51have new visitors to your website from Google and all the other search
0:56companies out there
0:57now before I continue you may already know that there’s a lot
1:01and I mean a lot of so-called tricks and secrets out there
1:05that turkeys will tell you to help you get more people to your site
1:09but they have this interesting way of giving you everything you need
1:12and everything you don’t need and so it’s easy to get lost in the maze of
1:17information overload
1:18and this video will help you sift through all the clutter out there
1:23and make things breathtakingly simple for you even if you’re a beginner
1:27because if you were to study and implement
1:30all those tricks and techniques and read the patents in literature
1:34and I’ve done those you’ll quickly realize that when it really comes down
1:38to it
1:39there’s a critical top 1 percent up these techniques that has the biggest
1:44impact in fact it’s really just the top one percent
1:49that is the foundation up all a new Google marketing
1:53and all love that other complex confusing strategies
1:57that techies will try to bombard you with if they’re any good
2:01they’ll be based on the foundational 1 percent that i’m gonna show you
2:05soon out when you start by learning and then focusing on
2:09just the top one percent suddenly getting free traffic becomes
2:14really really simple so to get a storm of incoming traffic to your website
2:20I’d challenge you to just follow these seven steps
2:23and be amazed it really is that simple
2:26so what’s your take away keep it simple
2:30and starts much okay here’s something to write down
2:34everything and I mean everything pertaining to getting free traffic on
2:38balls into to categories just two
2:42things that you can do on your website and things that you can do
2:47of your website everything
2:50that pertains to getting traffic falls in 10 these two categories
2:55and I’m gonna show you the most important steps to do on your site
2:58and the top things you should do of your site so
3:02the first thing you should know is that Google is simply just
3:06a bunch of competitions each competition is simply a competition to get
3:10ranked as closely as possible to number one
3:14in the coolest things for particular keyword or phrase
3:17simply put the closer to number one
3:22you rank the more website traffic will receive
3:25but you see in this competition
3:28you have some really good players but fortunately for you
3:32you also have a lot really really
3:35bad players in fact
3:38in most the these competitions most severe competitors are so bad
3:43it’s like there on the starting line sleeping so even before I give you the
3:49techniques to be
3:50great player in most cases to begin
3:54all you need to do is simply get up and start moving
3:58and you’ll already be way ahead of your competition
4:01so how do you do this well let’s begin with the first
4:06all important strategy that can put two miles ahead
4:09up most the competitors and Google and that s
4:13expand your content that means
4:16grow your website you want to create new pages
4:20lots of them see a website separated into many pages
4:24and each link on your website represents a new
4:28web page I say this because it’s easier to get more website traffic
4:33by simply giving Google more web pages to find
4:37this is a good strategy for the beginner because
4:40adding more to your website well also give you
4:44great platform to easily leverage later
4:48just think if you create one new page
4:51and then you figure out how to get just 10 new visitors a day to that one-page
4:57which is pretty easy to do imagine how quickly
5:01you can replicate those results across all of the other
5:05pages on your website and I’m telling you
5:09that just beat Oct alone up creating new web pages
5:13in many cases that alone is enough to get you some decent results
5:19so the morn pages you have the more chances you have
5:23up winning on Google it’s a very simple strategy
5:27but please don’t be turned off by its simplicity you wanna start that now
5:32I’ve literally just giving you the secret to how I get traffic to
5:36all of my website just do it and you won’t be side
5:40finally have you ever noticed how Wikipedia pops up for like everything
5:45why do you think that it I mean type anything in Google
5:49and you’ll start to see a pattern wiki pedia
5:52pops up for everything
5:56why do you think that is web sites
6:00with more content consistently
6:03rank higher do that and traffic
6:07will come and you’ll be setting yourself up
6:10to maximize that traffic later okay
6:14time for some action how can you do this right now
6:18without any help from a techie
6:21okay I wanna show you a website that created called
6:24ambit update that com and it’s a free website that I built
6:29that will allow you to add new pages
6:32and get into your website all by yourself
6:36without the need to rely on a techie so all you do is you just type your web
6:39site and it provided
6:40field now I’m gonna use the Website
6:44a blog nonprofit organization we’ve been helping
6:49so you just type that in and hit free instant access
6:53and then type in your name and email address
6:59okay once you do that you simply just scroll through and shins
7:03a web page and since we’re adding pages let’s start with the homepage
7:08now again it’s a free software but I’m gonna show you the full subscription
7:14because they’re certain features that are unavailable in the free version
7:18okay so what you gonna see right here is your
7:21is your own website and if you want you can get in there and make changes right
7:27hit publish and your changes will be made live instantly
7:31soul am gonna show you is how you can take this
7:34and added new web pages to your website
7:38so as to grow your content and get more traffic on Google
7:42cell all you do is go up here and hit new page
7:47and then you can create a page using
7:50the provide a template so we’ll call this page
7:55growing crisis ok
7:58and Columbia
8:06okay so what happens is it created that page
8:09growing crisis in Columbia and it automatically created a page
8:14that shows two blank space provided for you too
8:17added the content cell what you get is an editor with
8:21the regular formatting tools that your use to and
8:26what you can do is just start typing the contents
8:30I V article right here so I can say the growing
8:33crisis and Columbia ambien type in my article
8:39but what I’m gonna do actually ages ago Microsoft Word
8:42where the documents already been email to me
8:46and just drag and drop it
8:50right into the document
9:02will do that
9:03and hit publish and just like that we’ve created
9:07a new page on our website and expanded the content
9:12so we should start to see some traffic on this pretty soon to show you I’m when
9:16it is copy and paste the URL
9:18open up a new window and paste that
9:22so you can see how quickly that wise
9:26immediately we have a brand new
9:29web page and all we have to do is is
9:33replicate this process um to expand our website
9:37and traffic should start to come okay so
9:42you have a website with many pages now and you followed the steps that I just
9:48showed you
9:48to expand your website and you started to see some results
9:52and that’s great but here’s where it gets

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