How To Get To Page 1 Of Google With 3 Simple Steps


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0:00I that this is Robert Evans from capitol Robert top bloke spot dot com
0:04what I want to do in this special video is just show you how
0:08you can get your website onto page one of Google
0:11and I my skin might love my website and page one of Google
0:16at a really good keywords for example a Cisco to Google
0:19has to stew am automated
0:24in CHEM should smoke comes up to me
0:27automation Inc them on yes spawned
0:30page wanna do dismiss other this one here
0:35is my website should appear
0:40me up
0:41scope I am mistrial on
0:47now since a popular launched not sure if I shopped assist
0:51site online King term still sing happy on this one
0:54now stew to popular
0:59she and stream people would what’s
1:02online income stream
1:05and I am again
1:08the lawn
1:11Hesketh automated
1:17online income
1:23can now I am number one to national to as well
1:27original key so how do I can manage to get to number one in
1:31first page Google well there’s a lot of ways to do it
1:36contents and the helps deter something which I always do
1:40his really really concentrate on
1:43the description aunty title
1:46the website so let me going to
1:50am me just give an example what you need to do she’s on the house
1:54a website to view own and what you need to do
1:58he said have access to a hate each
2:02page TML editor this could be anything this could be like you you to Sonoma
2:06website design software
2:08by Sean 3d just download this one which is a good on this coffee cup dot com to
2:13school to be to be to be taught coffee cup dot com
2:16download this this is a3 hasty NL editor
2:19so we need to do this is a good where
2:23increase in an d
2:26head Google position say for instance she by resell rights to
2:31a book any does come with website
2:34you may want to just edited slightly sentence any
2:37Hills show better in Google so
2:41assists for example say you have a an ebook
2:44said that she bought with them resell rights
2:47and supplied with the website this what you do
2:50to and to try and help he gets
2:54several fingers as funny too this is in Costco
2:57let’s go into an open up the file
3:00looking all stoked
3:06K assist this one here this is my knees P
3:09L secrets stances page
3:12so we need to do now and you need to open up this fall he which is the
3:16index files just opened this one here K
3:19shows you stone
3:25a casualty the index this is all the the HTML
3:29called now sorry parts that you need to concentrate on one is a title one is the
3:34keywords or keyword to not important anymore
3:37and the one on the main ones the ones I really pay attention to
3:41he’s called description know if you look here by to the top
3:45the O’s peony head CC the head wasn’t me
3:49here so is actually putting titled there but there’s no description of keywords
3:53now on an coffee called what they actually
3:57to is do it all use
4:00if he going to insist their smits down the page
4:05skirt cummings said to intensify to the bottom
4:08they kill it will automatic a description and he was also the title as
4:13the titles and he blesses put it in so click the title
4:16and that’s the title that it sounded and then this is Kylie on
4:23analysts so and images from images
4:29stuff in
4:31newline inserts description
4:37and lawns keywords
4:40okay cell this we do in Cos Cob see going to insert
4:43into city at the title the description
4:47and keywords assisted tight is not title
4:50here between just day
4:54six assists call plz so this to see
4:57then sister title me
5:01secrets to use
5:07hell up K us
5:10title the hill description you could put in here between the
5:15speech marks here now this is impossible
5:18so this is the warm that will P will appear
5:21if you do a Google search so
5:24let me to stew quick one here hands
5:27now some search engines on except under cactus trying get
5:31good when the best keywords within beginning at the descriptions sister
5:36instance some
5:36this one this is this is a and website
5:40PLR so syy if I want to penalize my mam on
5:45seated start with pls school ppl
5:48host he helped secrets
5:55peace power
6:02me changed many
6:04home T %ah a case that’s that’s my description
6:08and and keywords and most
6:11p.m. commerce space
6:15money online a said
6:18he was in love is impossible to use to be able to then that is impossible
6:22the Mart make money said
6:31today the 3 most impossible and so we have
6:34title which is here which I did to see Chris 26
6:38P L A again you put the title whatever website ya
6:41change in and description
6:45this is the main one here on my description
6:49I scope a loss secrets stop discover the power making money from people
6:53us the most part was trying to fit in the keywords
6:56in tufts in the description because that is what Google
7:00really concentrate on now and then keywords not impossible these to peek in
7:04on a few key words in
7:05placed a description that is the most important
7:08discover the power making money from P justice here
7:15mister here
7:23test me East
7:26to me
7:28money L okay so that’s description
7:33so %uh Steve Donna disco into you
7:36appearances file click Save
7:40on then upload the website to
7:43y’all webspace so
7:47a said any web sites we constantly
7:50description title yet that’s fine china each keyword in ED
7:53news any in title Mike keyword is Kayla
7:57is a description really need to focus on to try and get a good description which
8:01includes a modest keywords
8:02and huge key words here said the not important
8:06this description it’s really important to have a go if the house
8:09a.m. a website it’s not doing so well just try and update
8:12description section and his boss say any book which came
8:15came with a website just opening up in in a hasty
8:19and they’ll 82 like Costco on dead just
8:22change description to make it more appealing a catastrophic events on
8:26capitol Robert blocks pop dot com
8:28I hope you’ve enjoyed the shock video: on to look out for more videos coming
8:32your way
8:33many thanks for viewing this one

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