How to Get on Page One of Google in About 15 Minutes


Complete Video Transcript

0:00I just frankly going ham with integrity marketing
0:03and I’m here to go over Google Places
0:06and show you how you can get listed on the
0:11first page Google in your local area
0:14and first thing we need to do is go to Google Places
0:33and the first thing we have to do years fill in all these
0:37spots and minor things I like to show you first
0:42here’s a pie chart to showing how the different
0:46information that we will be in putting how it weighs
0:50with Google and other words
0:53you can see email address 5 percent website 10 percent in all these various
0:58things so how important it is
1:00to completely fill it out
1:03to get the heaviest weight as we can
1:07on Google you see forty persons just a required field the company
1:13organs street city state zip sound so for so it’s important that all this gets
1:20he and not to a woman do is I have completed this and my recommendation to
1:25years to his to put this information in a separate document rather than just
1:29film it straight into Google that way you got it available
1:32had to use in other locations and we will be showing you at the conclusion
1:38as the places where you can input this same information so
1:41I’ve got a Word document say can hear that I’m just gonna be Canyon pacing
1:46saving some time
1:47for this recording but also just so I have it for
1:51for using over and over again so basically what I’m gonna do
1:56in and and pointed put the name the
1:59doing this from my wife’s hair salon business but I am
2:03gonna put more than just the name the business and one output
2:07a key word in here so that helps searching
2:11when people looking for Fort Worth hair salon that now only when they find their
2:15name but
2:16tell help in the search feature and
2:19mister good in all the basic information street address
2:23so forth and so on mcguinness just important that
2:28all this forty percent of this 40 percent the weight is just as basic
2:32information so
2:33Justin portent get this all in there
3:02and see you have to website stand here but
3:04have gotten this 14 web sites again Fort Worth
3:08hair salon is partly URL
3:13so again that helps when searching for 4 with hair salons I have a high-ranking
3:17and this description Phyllis you see down here only has
3:23200 characters so again as to benefit of putting this in Word Microsoft Word cuz
3:28it does have a feature
3:30we got to tools and do a word count
3:33can you walk count the number of words in a document so obviously you
3:36need to be able to remove all the other text so that all you do is counting
3:42in your deal new description
3:46content in near and categories
3:50his call letters inner 5
3:53and what it wants to do as much you start typing is gonna make suggestions
3:59and you need to use my their suggestions
4:03if you have to be used different words to come up with something but
4:07the first one you need to use money in their suggestions
4:10after that you can and for more and they can be
4:14to your liking forward can try and get that
4:21dominate at Fort Worth area
4:25and I’m a
4:28may change my strategy a little bit once
4:31I get in there and see how things work as far as the surgeon nice thing about
4:40features that does let you edit so once
4:43whatever you put in here isn’t for ever deal
4:51take advantages of fathoms might come next
5:04down here had lose steam
5:13and point the doosy
5:17hours have she’s closed on Monday he’s
5:23she’s close to home wins these and she works until
5:26about 8 o’clock on Tuesday
5:30these 8 o’clock on Thursday
5:34and she is closed on Saturday and Sunday
5:38and in payment types need oakley’s click one of these in here to get some by the
5:44way team
5:45and then we’re gonna
5:51and a photo which again allows you put all kinds of photos in there and they
5:58so we want to do that as much as possible
6:09business card in there probably at pictures of her later but for the second
6:13time we won’t get into all that right now
6:16you can get a a at a photo of the web so
6:19where we need to go get some free legals
6:23images you need to do that and then I have are ready
6:27got my youtube video
6:30here met you can
6:34jisko in to YouTube right here
6:37and select one if you don’t have your own I would suggest going in there and
6:41finding one is related to your business
6:43that would again just keep your high ranking but my help promote you
6:50it would be a benefit senior
6:59be video is there
7:02and this is where let you put additional details so
7:07back in our description a really only had two hundred words
7:10that we could put in our description but
7:13this allows you to go ahead and put in all those additional services things
7:18that you would want to say like
7:19my wife’s got 25 years of experience
7:23so you can just you know again put anything in there that would be
7:28benefit dade thank their
7:31someone unlimited in a moment take that and put all these in here right now
7:36but you get the idea the
7:40just all the services that you can list engines
7:43again you tryin to get yours self ranked higher
7:47and and more competitive with those that are in the same type the business with
7:53you so the more services you can show
7:55more benefit that they could see them doing business with you this is to your
8:00advantage to take advantage in Boulder
8:02different options that are available
8:15an S O do you can you can see I’ve got quite a few that I might come back in
8:19and lay
8:20for the sake of this video will just go ahead and
8:23summiteers unit this point you can submit it
8:28wanna two ways if you do it by phone you need to have
8:32in be where you can get to your phone because it’s gonna ring fairly quickly
8:37and is going to give you a code
8:38that you need input you verify that you are who you are
8:42the other option is to do about postcard it takes a couple weeks a senior post
8:47and then you send it back to them and so forth and so on
8:51if one other option is if you don’t have the access to the
8:55phone number that they would call are is in their system
8:59you can put a phone number in when you’re putting in the information
9:03initially that you do you have access to
9:06since their callers made you get the code go back in it edit it and put it
9:10into the right phone number that should be
9:12is one option if you don’t have you know all that
9:16so again go ahead and do this
9:20finish yen
9:23she should be set up on Google Places
9:26they will give me a call shortly just to confirm
9:32that and the and I hear the call
9:37so they did just call me in gave me my code in its
9:4410 go
9:47that’s that

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