How To Get Insurance For Your Lawn Service Business and “Do You Even Need It”

Complete Video Transcript

0:00for too long care freaks do you need
0:03business insurance for your lawn service if so why
0:08have was because how you do it what’s the story with that I’ll
0:12it’s a very nice thing to have okay
0:15if you can afford it get it soon as you can but
0:18it is not a necessity for the person that is just started out
0:22doing residential loans with a regular more
0:25tremor blower going out trying to make fifty
0:28to a hundred dollars a day no you do not need to have it
0:32just yet the price spend all your money on those pieces of equipment
0:36in your flyers and trying to find for work
0:39so you go through the first season without it
0:42shouldn’t be any problems Leslie stepped outside of your
0:45your I’ll your circle
0:48knowledge Easter taking a job that you should be taking a look then you could
0:52run into problems
0:53that’s another video but a few small
0:57part-time shouldn’t be a problem
1:00but each year as you grow if you’re continue to do this one year
1:04next to grow more next year little more than a third year your program worst
1:08you program that you’re gonna want to you get some sort of insurance
1:12everybody’s got a job what hearsay you need to have an LLC
1:15because they’re protecting you from mom the suing you
1:19for your house and your personal savings dollars and all that but
1:22I don’t believe me LLC
1:26I know a guy that has an LLC and he regrets getting it because he is back to
1:30being a sole proprietorship
1:31he better be the sole you wish UPS or ridership are you still OSI
1:36he has to say problems yet still up to the taxes the same here think he’s
1:40is smaller now he’s better thirty years okay
1:43yeah he’ll is happy just to is 50 hours a week
1:48making good money but he still
1:51LLC still what is when you start hiring other people
1:55then you have another group don’t like that to you people with you all the time
1:59during lunch that’s when you want to be in OC test
2:02the level above intermediate okay so
2:05into you get close to the intermediate level
2:09you probably do not need insurance as a prisoner must
2:13the problems you’re right you are very minimal alright and
2:17I’ll would you like this was twenty houses my said is true
2:2320 across the street cultures 30,000 loads
2:27mister 30,000 all these towns Illinois
2:30Missouri Saint Louis City all this crap
2:34when you hear all the stress has been cut
2:37by the people who live there or they’re hired out when you hear some
2:41catastrophic of it happening from
2:43law service or someone
2:46more accident usually somebody doing something dome
2:50holding a moral character bush with it what’s runners-up her
2:53her fingers of stupid stuff okay in
2:56don’t hear these problems is that lightning striking so
3:00you do what you need if you use what is the little things it’s going alright
3:05it’s going to get you
3:06eat you up piss you off but if you do end up wanting to go
3:11into somewhere get yourself some business
3:15up insurance then you’re gonna go and go to whoever you use for your auto
3:20depending on your credit history and your
3:23driving history like a I’ll this we’re going to pay as a $500
3:28somewhere between 500-800 books for the year okay it’s a good place a
3:32gauge where you’re going to have to pay in you will will be going to get your
3:36shirts you need a business license
3:38to show them but to your business I sincerely shirt
3:41so that much anyway be kinda hard people who live there
3:45the weirdest are so when you reach your interview low
3:50I would say where you’re going up 5 days a week
3:54for five hours or more your worst are going to say
3:58a pretty serious about this making enough money I can spread
4:02600 bucks euro insurers to cover me
4:05case lightning does strike alright so
4:09here’s why area is called
4:12artisan and service contractor policy ago
4:15stapler single in to my auto insurance
4:18and up for 550 bucks
4:21forget Milan like your service ensure
4:25there for sixty six dollars more always additional additional coverages
4:29alright the additional coverages where things are gonna want
4:33to make sure you have this theft insurance Yendo
4:37but for the 550 bucks missed all six are 16 daughter
4:40to do in March K up when I started it was in March
4:44goes from here two-year the total for the year the probe recover payments for
4:49and up so every year
4:53as I just renew it them what’s up mister to send me some
4:56the SU three things change from year to year has increased about me
5:00nearly employees showed up
5:03was gonna cover well I want it covers two hundred fifty thousand dollars
5:09pulled over the other party to repel them for somebody
5:13tickets injured by me personal ugly for them
5:16alright if I hurt somebody I’m outlawing it
5:20their hospital bills lesson at two hundred fifty thousand dollars to cover
5:23up to
5:24alright that’s taken care of lightning strike what are the eyes it’s going to
5:28to begin with bad where the ice it’s gonna be over 250,000 other come in for
5:35that I really screwed up something bad happen
5:38cashmere screwed up her
5:42this this is just a piece of this is a good thing it’s a
5:45we hopes to pre you
5:49peace of mind go out something bad happens
5:53talk to my church covered alright
5:57you don’t need it at first you can rent a little small problems
6:01when you get to in any lower using big mowers
6:04what behinds even 36-inch what mind
6:08you know zero turn stuff like that you need to be insured for sure
6:12because those things can pick up suck up the vacuum
6:16shoot stuff outlaws making this in dept
6:20that his way and also you know big bigger and more
6:23the more likely you are to close up alright
6:26instance that both can be slutty you can go to
6:30you start taking your laws use a bit more
6:33and the people have BMW to check your partner driveway
6:37alright you gonna wanna be assured you sideswiped the Jaguar
6:42cost a lot by a truck cost over five thousand bucks precise what I did it
6:48you measure have to pay out of pocket somebody’s Jaguar
6:51you know since the dealer and tinker you know what that
6:56because your turn your back and forth really bad opinion not there
6:59I’ll software loose from their house in the basal
7:05you know director call somebody out there in cooling that date repair alaska
7:09you’re going to want to be assured foundation corruption do stupid stuff
7:13the pic morse okay accidents happen that’s what this is force an accident
7:18catastrophic accident is probably not going to happen
7:21smaller I’m you are the smaller the problems you’re running to
7:25so they can be taken care out-of-pocket you can
7:28to break somebody’s window with a rock you can pay for that
7:31okay so well
7:35whatever things other than had been sure make sure you have a good policy to
7:40if you injure someone
7:43is you were recovered Dept because
7:46people will steal you blind the lowest you from lawn services
7:51I had happened to me two different types K
7:54I went to cook for you are going back to cut wanna better
7:59so was ripping me off K come back around a moron
8:03where’s my trimmer blower right
8:06the people see that certainly look nagel who 200 or 500 it this year money dollar
8:12taken at the port under piece a crap stolen trucker or whatever
8:16through the shouldn’t keep going are
8:19they love to steal from lawn services and other contractors
8:23rivers a thriller Skinner compressors stuff stolen that started around people
8:27and steal their crap lawyer on the roof latter letter doubt
8:30take your craft and right way alright their ruthless
8:34you laws put inside the vehicle Michael route back to cut
8:38let’s fight goes bust your windows well okay can take it
8:41her right people are bad news
8:44that’s what you have to worry about stuff like that in this town
8:48ayala de Paul up next to him he has
8:51the lock on a stripper so it’s lot to his ball
8:54it plus the lot all that
8:58most difficult guys lifted off the ball sit on their vehicle
9:01drive away zero turn a walk behind tremor
9:04blower he had a trimmer this right on a fuckin job site
9:09they saw him go lol Walker low lol
9:12new well he’s got room that waited started
9:15next to it they found the trailer empty
9:18La Perla 55 overzealous
9:22never really was equipment ever again go to trial about
9:26that’s it guess what his story was
9:30sugar so
9:34but I saw my stories so much war stories
9:37the future video but don’t scare
9:40okay grass is green more history
9:43so cut some grass make some cash the workout
9:47you for small-time that they must have to worry about
9:51getting really working someplace to just six on our policy
9:56breather fire relief everything’s okay
9:59see a future

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