How To Get A Business Loan In The US And UK


Complete Video Transcript

0:00home by nearly fifty a ten-cent
0:03and I’m with two clients to my cell I need it
0:06my name is Francisco on with both are on the press and on CO
0:09lighting products stock contact Martin free markets I come for this afternoon
0:13and it looks like
0:14limited the bill shocker 360 mobile solutions
0:18we sell Thomas Wooden Railway transit vehicles and accessories
0:21the net were filling is man sporting where are
0:25to find Madden products blackberries iPhones
0:28and then we also sell my memory cards we sell
0:32luxury goods on consignment are for dealers and small business
0:36from Birkenstock consoles for trains
0:39on eBay and Amazon V scurrilous our products I’m
0:42e-bay Amazon invite com my dot com
0:46childlike Omar Camry cutback com have the sprites working capital to small
0:51businesses that can’t get financing from traditional banks
0:53we offer our customers cash anywhere from five hundred dollars to forty
0:57thousand we can offer to them the less than 10 minutes
1:00instant the first time I don’t work out there was a little intimidated I didn’t
1:03know what to expect
1:05but when I want on their website they made it so
1:08using filled up all that necessary information to call in five minutes and
1:12we had two thousand dollars available to us
1:14logging onto campus acecomm to receiving the advance in my PPL come with Lily
1:20within 5-10 min I couldn’t believe it I come away with my husband for Christmas
1:24money to clean our business like aperture
1:27it was is absolutely amazing I had the money in my account really goal
1:30to spend on the things they need to help my business co-op a runs from businesses
1:34small to large
1:35every single one of them is the same they don’t have access to capital to
1:38grow their business I don’t think there’s anyone else I can pitch after
1:41on there were opportunities up the mess because of cabbage nothing wrong a
1:45are thankful not give alone out to a mean person said
1:49you know that starts pushing these economic times thanks to nafta means
1:52loans to finance and being a small business view larger base
1:55tend to not think is very serious its
1:58difficult if you don’t have capital resources to support
2:02times these new vibrant innovative businesses
2:06I’m think they’re not gonna come to fruition cabbage was able to go out
2:10not check out actual sales record in sales history outline as opposed to the
2:15quietly take all those factors into consideration and I don’t know either
2:19Allah revenues are but they tied together where we were eligible
2:22of have and the month for ten thousand dollars was actually quite surprised at
2:26the amount there with the
2:28would be traditional financial institutions other than letting you bank
2:31they don’t understand e-commerce at all in fact we had a customer who told us
2:35that their bankers
2:36told them that they thought this internet thing was just a fact they’re
2:39not looking at all the information
2:41about their business that you can only see when you look at them online
2:44yousef leaders and for our username and password page we see how much love the
2:49mass we currently have to pay back
2:51no one has made it this easy to give people capital to grow their business
2:55because nobody’s really taken the time how the technology in place to
2:58understand their business as well as cabbage doubts
3:00tankers for their getting on my on my comp
3:03I see how much money have available of the business opportunity
3:07I just make do with in less than 30 seconds and money
3:11East write about with my k5 that said this amazing
3:15know even with a credit card you can thanks fundamentally drive innovation
3:19in financial services which means there is a lot of innovation in services we
3:23like to joke that
3:24you know the lollipop at the drive-thru window is the last major innovation that
3:27banks had
3:28and they’ve really fundamentally don’t value online merchants damages proved
3:33return on investment let me give you as small scenario
3:36I had an opportunity when I had to have five hundred dollars for right away
3:41I knew I had the money coming in
3:42and was just two or three days away but I needed to make that move right then
3:46and there was a time when our vendor was offering a special deal on 100 phones
3:51and that deal was to die for pinnacle & Co it was an amazing deal and I knew our
3:56customers would be really happy man
3:58if you pass on the savings to them I got a five hundred dollar advance
4:01and within a week I had turned that into thirteen hundred dollars the cabbage we
4:06were able to have that money
4:07some to our ppl Italy no less than a minute
4:10total days my time you got the advance
4:14to the return of investment profit that was made
4:17resolved in four days doesn’t get any better why I think that
4:22the cabins on business model spelling the new
4:25what you’re doing now how white on its own
4:28you have a lot of people reinventing themselves are you
4:32businesses it’s time to the innovation I think it’s a lifeline for small
4:36businesses especially in this day and age
4:38I don’t think I’d be where I am right now
4:40if it wasn’t for cats

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