How to Build Business Credit in 10 Days


Complete Video Transcript

0:00hello isn’t that funny here have been done time dot com here have really
0:07didn’t get to see you at least a the topic
0:09is something that i’d be seven unknown ten years ago exhibited similarly to use
0:13my life
0:14and don’t want to have to go through that time
0:17ten years ago
0:19so for those of you don’t know my story i risk that this would be clothing
0:24designed business l_a_
0:26solo historical overlap angela and you know what
0:29i’m having to crazy extravagant etc
0:33selwyn box here at the uh… is played hockey would change your business if you
0:37are currently
0:39financing your business to credit cards
0:42personal credit cards
0:43this is the video to watch because i’m natalie greatest shaved off
0:47so much years of your life and greatly resent strapping out
0:52unionists credit cards selected except a seriously video is all about
0:58getting business
1:00are you ready apac
1:02so here’s ended up
1:05how do you know
1:06business credits even stopped using personal credit cards to finance a
1:11begets just like you know
1:13when you are getting your business on the ground you’re a trend setter and got
1:17the idea is you need to invest in coaching you guys
1:20you need to address the on stage i do need to
1:23healthy era but i’ve heard is that you need to be altitude for brian your
1:27business because many
1:29and sell off tonight here in new britain was that they can afford
1:33these services that they actually need to help you take that as a similar next
1:38so this video is going to change all cassidy you can invest in yourself so
1:42that you can go out into the entrepreneur into the trendsetter and
1:46leader tomorrow you were meant to be okay
1:49so the very first step in building a business credit
1:53so right now i’m trying to make the contest after
1:56the you aren’t stopped using personal credit cards to finance a business
2:00he ever
2:00cut them up
2:02store them in a small article on the using for personal emergencies you don’t
2:06need any more
2:08needs to start building business credit and safety checks
2:12occasionally reversing ezekiel haha
2:15made your business corporation
2:17it’s time to change that you know the first thing that you’re thinking is
2:21might happen to love me is going to cost a thousand dollars
2:25during lab because i was a bookkeeper for twelve years and it does not cost
2:29thousand dollars
2:30to get your business incorporated
2:32so what i want you to deal with this visit
2:34incorporate dot com
2:36and for seventy nine dollars
2:38you can have a company biology people work for you this includes our young and
2:43number it you’re selling products that you can get your sellers permitted
2:47number from them
2:48so go to incorporate dot com and person for a single become a corporation
2:53high and ask or
2:54lots of people are sequence lots people have i will see
2:58make that decision by following a in calming
3:01the incorporate
3:02dot com representative find out what went straight for your so this is
3:06crucial that you were only a sole proprietor right now
3:09juror personally liable
3:12shitty you know that you get into crazy credit card debt
3:15or if somebody wants to see if they can take your home
3:18so you really want to protect your assets if you have
3:21worked on the line will start hats at
3:24so completely really crucial this is what the leaders are doing this is like
3:28high-profile businessmen and women
3:31arguing that they’re not putting things on a personal credit
3:33they’re not sole proprietors
3:35they’re not giving their social security number elaine let his walker
3:40i really want to think about this is this whole thing so i’m telling you i
3:44would’ve misinformation ten years ago
3:46i wouldn’t have been freaking duoc
3:48four or five years of my life cry myself to sleep at my business got into thirty
3:53five thousand dollars for credit card campaign once you had your young and
3:57you’re going to go to u_n_ at five forty dundas and bradstreet number this is how
4:03you’re going to build a business credit
4:05e n_b_a_ dot com
4:07he didn’t go there and i think it’s two hundred and twenty nine dollars a little
4:10late is that about three hundred dollars to get this fall
4:13are taking care today okay
4:15cell intermediary
4:17eight dot com rec website and sign up to apply for your dat decatur number that
4:22usually takes about three to five days as well so we’re talking about
4:25ten days total here to get everything separate note mixing business and
4:31with your finances
4:32you can see it when you travel up but you can’t make that would be when
4:35they’re doing their finances ok so after you get your dad’s addressed a member of
4:40this is how to get better lines of credit
4:43from there
4:45here five had his credit card
4:48without f_d_a_ g_n_p_ number that you’re going to get high here
4:52credit limits
4:54with ante enti number cancer building credit and that they were recorded all
4:57of the student t_v_ business credit bureaus had just like you’re building a
5:01credit to your personal data
5:03equifax trans union xperia
5:06now in the building business contents of this will be where you can
5:09mister trade references so perhaps your trade records could be
5:14jordan newsletter content in texas and select i contact constantcontact maybe
5:18you haven’t eight hundred number
5:21almost ready
5:23uh… records it will be in that your profile injured and the bradstreet
5:27uh… acount okay
5:29outdoor finally many developed by provision credit for this is what i had
5:34i called american express
5:36and i a quiet for a business credit card ok so here at the credit card and that
5:42we’ve got our our a c name and my name on top
5:46they can’t application process on troop duffala okay i think i didn’t fill it
5:51out in l_a_ i called back ok column unabomb eight hundred above under
5:58content representative presented on the ballot
6:01and asked like to apply for a business credit card
6:04and this is what the process was like
6:06the acme my main daphne i’ve corporation name at actress
6:10and it started to ask me for smoking for meeting and i decided to tell them
6:15i’m not feeling human social security number
6:18i want my not building my business practices what you’re going to tell i’m
6:23building my business credit
6:25i believe going to give you mildly idea number
6:29many credit cards one st will there be any directly i went over and a social
6:34security number
6:35and you tell them
6:36now so it’s gonna happen if you didn’t see that you can or cannot
6:40move forward with the application
6:42that’s fine american express definitely let obviously money if they did not get
6:46my social security number and that they say they have to have your cell
6:49something call somebody else
6:51the point is that we are trying to build your business credit
6:54so what i did not go through the process act that proves immediately on the file
7:00when i get this matter and how to activate my heart
7:05no cannot be
7:09twenty five thousand dollars in credit
7:12from a corporation there is no corporation usually connie
7:17and i have a business credit card platinum business credit card
7:20rakhi accidents hearts
7:22anything that i need instrumental amassing a college for it
7:26here twenty five thousand dollars in stock for your business or get new
7:30printers and whatever but there are things that you need in your business
7:34to help you’ll get to the next level
7:36and it breaks my heart of the political reporter
7:39because now the
7:41the new computer that we need to get their basic tony it’s really crucial if
7:45you want to be successful
7:47and really be a leader in your history n_b_a_ trendsetter note you’re going to
7:52this is the only difference and that not make them
7:56so i hope that this happened absolutely bilingualism predominately developing
8:02three hundred dollars externalclass ec day today all of your business

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