How to be Successful in the Hot Dog Business


Complete Video Transcript

0:12the I
0:16drank six years
0:19past three years guys
0:23about their guys
0:26this video is gonna give me some sites
0:29on musiques & Mon in the hot dog guests
0:33let’s check it out the club here current views and followers
0:37probably say themselves urea love to do this semi-retired when I’m retired I
0:41really wanna go out and sell hot dogs in 20 minutes
0:44work for myself not work for the big corporations
0:47into really I’m enjoy the rest my working career
0:50now what do you think it takes to be successful
0:54in the hot dog business I think takes a lot of hard work I think the first thing
0:58I realize
0:59people in this business workers
1:02make its love what you do
1:06really the keys yet you don’t love it
1:10because it is look at these guys the day
1:14special the day like this it’s not an easy but it is fun to scrap satisfying
1:20really really 3 this week alright what to take to be successful
1:24perseverance dedication after
1:27you have to work have to make people want to come back
1:31what makes people come back environment friendly face
1:36this just someone given what they want pretty much the biggest
1:43fast Curtis but you can talk to
1:46from staff and again have a quality product
1:52friends busts
1:59its thing happens for lunch
2:03crime calling runner I think it’s going to take
2:10having a consistent quality
2:13items are for our talk today watched
2:17same thing next week week after psych
2:21consistencies be very important and then trying to offer your own unique
2:26spin specialty
2:32i think is great personality and unique %uh toxic
2:35tropical wet it I think it’d be self-motivated
2:40its routine ish get overcome the T
2:44just get up in the morning think it’s passionate about
2:49maintain your quality precious in a close at the biggest thing
2:54sprinting the least restrictive the
2:57every my own personal share the love the people shake hands on people try to
3:04remember all the names
3:05i can text timemick its name the kids love it you know one
3:09for small these buddy speaks
3:19just morning
3:32call spy well
3:36coming from the best New England nazis yes
3:47bring its
3:55for all X
4:05by good people skills
4:13ya I think product to
4:19by about you what do you think it takes
4:26to be successful it’s not quality about
4:29I to recess you have to have her
4:33I of I love something sixty-some otherwise
4:44people can go to come same story
4:48talks dollar so if you want to make
4:52est hun meant I think
4:55ice text
4:59semester skew
5:02about I we look different first
5:07taste have personality
5:11one question to you I
5:15customers statically
5:18country by slow
5:24i guess its location I think it just
5:44to is a lot of fact skyrocket successful
5:481s no good reputation retry
5:51my place I you know this
5:55give them a berth
6:00if they’re its that shoving
6:04should follow with lotta dedication
6:08lot of hard work long days long hours consistency
6:14Raptors be all day every day five days a week
6:18whatever your how you gonna go and you have to stick to
6:22basically so that way you can ask him is if you’re here today and down the street
6:28customers on gonna know where to find you
6:46quality product
6:49i think is number the offer a quality product
6:52just in any people gonna come true and they’re gonna like it
6:55and then variety and then be the only it try something new in
6:59listen to your customers listen to what somebody wants to tap a dog with
7:03there’s nothing that’s too strange as long as it’s not that Reds
7:06yeah there it’s see
7:09blood away from us text
7:12China here every try to that
7:16of no matter out that I’ll call down
7:19system that allowed just be there just answer
7:23good bottom line serb good I just think it’s more or less is getting
7:28be out there every day can’t give up its a slow start everybody
7:32after expect to make millions
7:37for sea route my second year out notes eventually year 31 10 million bucks
7:44yes for you gotta be nice
7:51then you gotta have a nice clean place
7:55just fun keep it simple
8:13well there you have it
8:16mean success good business was all these things these people said
8:22the most orange
8:35good spot way says
8:43the mid

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