How Successful People Think – Earl Nightingale


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0:08well the
0:24I want to tell you about our prime you can probably fix or repair which day
0:27five days a week in which brings results out of all proportion to the time spent
0:31for more when considering your mind has brought you everything you have your
0:36work your relationship with your family have is your philosophy arrive
0:40all computers result abusing your mind now consider the investment made by
0:45you have probably been operating on less than a 10 percent to be a mental
0:49capacities much less
0:50doctor herbert Otto psychologist educator intramural national survey for
0:56exploration of your potential reminds us that
0:59really well known strike such as the right there with them as well
1:02Margaret Mead Gardner Murphy or Spurgeon English and Carl Rogers
1:06subscribe to the high profit for managers in a very small fraction
1:10average compressive
1:12Margaret Mead Co 26 percent figure her but i right
1:15my own estimate is $5 per 0 neurological research at the UCLA Brain Research
1:21Institute points to enormous abilities which produce everyone by
1:25suggesting an incredible high profit the folder with creative capacity of the
1:30human brain maybe
1:31for all practical purposes very pointed out infant
1:35to use the computer analogy
1:39man is a vast storehouse for bigger but we have not learned how to program our
1:44sorrows to utilize these data problem solving problems
1:48year from RB a minute soviet scholar and writer says
1:51ran under average conditions at work in my view is only a small part was
1:55thinking equipment
1:56if he were able to force our brain to work at only half its capacity we could
2:01without any difficulty whatever
2:03forty languages memorize the large Soviet encyclopedia from cover to cover
2:08and complete be required courses or dozens of God
2:12respect for this party exaggeration
2:15it is that generally accepted the radical view
2:19man was metal potentialities now how can we
2:23tap this strike any potential want to become very complex problem with many
2:28but as her butt out a point out it is clear that person to live close to their
2:32capacity who continue
2:34activate their potential have a pronounced temperature will be
2:37inconsiderable Richie they see themselves as reading purposeful and
2:42everything you have injuries are using just 10 percent of your mind
2:46consider for a moment what it would mean to you and your family if you can
2:50increase was presented
2:51none are as a rule has been slightest notion
2:55real capability to his mind but believe me when I say that your mind can be
2:59compared with undiscovered gold mine
3:01and it makes no difference to your 17 seventy
3:04look at it this way your goal is to the future
3:08your problem is to bridge the gap which exists between
3:11where you are now ago you were going to reach with the problems are
3:15robber seizure when chairman haley barbour psychology at Northwestern
3:19University pointed out that
3:21successful people are not people without problems sharply people have learned to
3:25solve their problems a very out
3:28very successfully getting the things we want from life was a matter of solving
3:33the problems which stand between
3:34where we now are and the point we wish to reach
3:38no one is where our problems they’re a part of living
3:41but let me show you how much time we wasted worry about the wrong problem
3:45is a reliable estimate of the things people worry about things that never
3:50forty-percent things over and passed it can’t be changed by all the worry in the
3:5530 percent neighbors worries about car help
3:5912 percent Perry miscellaneous worries 10 percent real
4:04legitimate worries a person short
4:08ninety-two percent of the average person’s worries take up valuable time
4:12cause painful stress either mental anguish
4:14and absolutely unnecessary and to the real legitimate worries there are two
4:19the problems we can start and other problems beyond our ability to pursue my
4:25but most were real problems usually fall into the first group the ones we can
4:30if we’re now I’m going to assume you’ve decided upon ago or
4:35your problem is how do I achieve it your gourmet beer promotion
4:39greater income a beautiful home it makes little difference what your goal happens
4:43to be
4:44but you have your goal you know that you will become
4:48and you will achieve what you think about that is if you stay with it
4:52you reach your goal but how wanna try here but your mind comes into play
4:58what is your mind no one knows for sure
5:01perhaps the best way to describe it it’s a corporate a prize-winning playwright
5:04archibald lagrange it is by the secret freedom a character says
5:09the only about a man that is a man it is a ride
5:12everything out you can try and give a pig
5:16for a horse can comfortably crew
5:19the human mind is the one thing that separates us from arrest to the
5:23creatures on earth
5:24anything that comes to us from the future were almost certainly come to a
5:27server is robbery
5:28extent to which we use our minds and yet it’s the last place on earth the average
5:33person will turn to for help
5:34in order to reproduce tomorrow but on the human mind
5:38computer what it accomplished your knowledge is a bench warrant the past 50
5:42years but in all the preceding paper
5:44thousand years if you want to remove a should I’m always trying to
5:48ever lived it’s estimated that ninety percent of them are alive today
5:52we reached in the area ideas and you will advance word
5:57a Prato so harriet was agreement over even the most optimistic forecasters
6:02agrees with ten years ago
6:04but every new idea previous additional ideas for a bit now we’re going to your
6:08holding the Braves were not every product and every area
6:11that staggers the imagination
6:14doctor hirsch et Pierre are ready should we’re entering a very real danger where
6:19he calls it the strikers showing page the aid to the mind
6:23and you all want cream clear
6:26now let’s look at a few cracks average working person has at his disposal I
6:31mean or some other free time
6:32crap you’re totally hours a year to crack a sweeping hours
6:36baby sleeps 8 hours every night you five years almost 6,000 waking hours over
6:41which he spends restaurant 2000 on the job
6:44obviously is important hours and hours a year worries me either working or
6:48these can be called discretionary hours with which we can be pretty much
6:52everest our minds are free now so you can see the amazing result in your life
6:58I want to recommend that you take just one hour a day
7:01five days a week and wrote this power to exercising your mind
7:06brick one hour a day on which you can refer me regularly count
7:10during rush hour every day take a completely blank sheet of paper
7:13at the top of the page right repression primary goal
7:16clearly simply them since our future depends upon the way in which we have
7:21our work
7:22write down as many ideas into camp approving back with you how do
7:26try to pick up twenty possible ways in which the activity that goes your day
7:29could be improved
7:31you always get 20 but it what I D is good
7:35now remember two important points with regard to this
7:38one this is not particularly easy and to
7:41poster ideas won’t be any good I want to see it so easy I mean it’s like starting
7:46any new habit papers to write your mind a reluctant to be
7:49hold up and I’ll be ordering direct raise you think about your work in ways
7:53in which it might be improved write down every idea that pops into your mind no
7:57matter how absurd it might
7:593 let me tell you what happen some other ideas will be good
8:03and with testing the most important to English extra our coverage however
8:08is that it be pre-empted your goal in your subconscious mind
8:11structure alright a machine reworking and 20 ideas today if you can dream up a
8:15great many total 100 a week even if you don’t think on weekends
8:19an hour a day five days a week or two hundred and sixty hours a year
8:23am still review 3,740 hours a free review time
8:29but this means you’ll be thinking about your goal airwaves are improving your
8:32performance increasing your service
8:35picture I have four extra working week a year
8:39six-and-a-half forty-hour week devoted thinking and planning
8:44can you see how easy it is to rise above the so-called competition
8:48and was to review with p.m. hours a day the Spanish a bruise
8:53Story HD thinking you’ll prime it your mind will continue to work all day long
8:58you find the right moment when you least expect it really great ideas will begin
9:02to pop in your mind
9:03well maybe you write them down as soon as you can just one great idea can
9:08completely revolutionize your work area as a result
9:11your life if you’re a developer muscles in your body you take their exercise or
9:16some sort
9:17reminders develop the same way accepted returns on a balk receivable
9:21proportional to the time and energy spent
9:24I’ve used a system for years it’s given me some it was great a primary Warren
9:28experiences while I’m
9:29and it costs only five hours a week five hours out about 168
9:35is it worth it effects premiere I’ve hours a week the universe are a great
9:39rip your gold
9:40because your mind is all about that much more each time you write your goal at
9:45the company issued a paper don’t worry or become concerned about it
9:48rigorous only way to be reached a problem only way to be so our
9:53faces with brave in bed all the great powers to be a mind towards driving it
9:57and believe me solve it you will
10:01now it’s briefly recap this week starts for any one hour each day getting as
10:05many ideas to care
10:07tried for twenty a day on ways to improve what you’re now doing
10:11remember the itchy with your goal very likely depends upon it
10:14as treasurer or future true everything you now have a 30 abusing trade prior to
10:2010 percent agree mental abilities
10:22you can imagine what life would be like if you can increase this figure 2 20
10:25percent or more
10:273 successful people are not people without problems
10:31there’s a BP program to solve the problem
10:344 don’t waste time and energy worrying about the purse strings
10:38forty percent whatever happened thirty percent already happened it can’t be
10:43cropper seven meters worries about our health 10 percent a pedi miscellaneous
10:48only eight-percent arria trying to separate the real for me unnecessary
10:53answer all those which are within your ability the sorrow
10:57laughter or the only thing in the world that can take you to your goals in life
11:02if your mind it’s a great reviews and following through on a good idea is it
11:07surprise you
11:08each of us has a tendency to underestimate his or her own abilities
11:13we should realize that we have people who are so old
11:16a reservoir great ability even genius
11:20that can be tapped if we were just big people
11:23XP miracle up your mind

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