Government Loan Starting Business


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0:02hi on David
0:06with grow
0:09mining idea
0:13dot com remember that grow my idea
0:24is an online discussion group that anyone can join
0:29to ask questions and share thoughts
0:34about how to launch your idea
0:38if you sir
0:41social networking sites you’ll notice these days
0:46but there’s a lot of hats going around about free money
0:51free money from the government
0:54free money from Obama
0:58free money from working for Google
1:02loans and grants
1:05that you don’t have to repay the ads
1:10often claim that they have been featured on places like CNN
1:16MSNBC good morning america.
1:20Oprah so when you go to their website
1:26you read a very convincing story about an average person
1:31who supposedly collected a ton of free money
1:35from the government and pay top dollar bills
1:38started a business robot house
1:41the American dream they promised to send you
1:47how to do this information
1:50for free if you only pay
1:54two dollars for shipping in AM what most people miss
2:00in the small print is that once they get your credit card number
2:05you will be billed close to one hundred dollars
2:09every month if you take a few minutes
2:13and visit our website grow my idea to calm
2:18we have a link to a great locker
2:21who says this offer is a total scam
2:25our companion site also provides links
2:30to the government sites we can get all the information
2:34I’m government programs for free but this might be a waste of time
2:42because all these government loans
2:48are done through banks
2:51the normal way they require collateral
2:56such as real estate that y’all
3:00house and offices business store
3:03that you can put up for security for the loan
3:07may also require a decent credit rating
3:10all the government does is simply provide
3:15back guarantee UK she can’t repay the loan
3:19even if you read that successful
3:23to already be a real estate owner it might be foolish
3:28& Gamble your whole life’s work on a business start-up
3:33agro my idea dot com
3:37we offer straightforward
3:41denoble tools and Methods
3:46the anyone can used to launch your idea
3:50with whatever time and resources
3:54you currently have without taking a major
3:58personal risk you can create demand
4:03you can create a business identity you can have a location on the web
4:09and you can start generating any
4:13in gradually ramp it up to become a major success
4:19so let me show you how to get to you grow my idea to call
4:24just go to your web browser to that why address bar at the top
4:27and click on it when it turns blue
4:31Italy on the keyboard anti Oro
4:36my knee idea all one word
4:39dot com and hit Enter on the keyboard
4:45there you go grow my idea
4:49dot com

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