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0:02I think the Silicon Valley location plays a major role in a lot us
0:06Stanford grads are going to start up school the
0:10in the
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0:19in welcome to MBA party
0:22I’m your host bob o’keefe today we’re taking you to the heart of Silicon
0:26to none other than the Stanford Graduate School Business not only a stanford won
0:31the leading business schools in the world
0:33but they’re also one of the most selective when it comes to the
0:35admissions process
0:36I’ll be sitting down with Linda Abraham president and founder
0:39except the dot-com an MBA admissions consulting an essay editing service
0:44she’s going to break down the Stanford application and if new strategies for
0:48eat at the essay questions you also meet several Stanford MBA school give you
0:52insight on what it takes to get in
0:54I’m I’m I’m
0:58what are some aspects the NBA
1:01admissions process that applicants may not learn from brochures the website
1:06printed materials
1:07well let’s step back in person go with what they say they’re interested in
1:12ask over that first they have three stated
1:15primary criteria the first one is with the current electoral vitality
1:19then is demonstrated leadership potential and last
1:23is rather nebulous personal qualities and contributions
1:26if you look intellectual vitality I mean the easy way to measure that
1:30is your grades and your team at scored year he scores the center also accepts a
1:35Stanford insists I think was some some good reason that it’s not looking
1:40exclusively at your test scores and GPA that is
1:42will also look at other evidence love intellectual vitality
1:46in terms a demonstrated leadership I think
1:49the applicant has to realize that that were demonstrated
1:52is there for a reason it’s not just because you want to leave sometime in
1:56the future
1:57they want to see evidence that you have led recently
2:01the personal qualities and contributions which is
2:04very very broad to put it mildly when I think that the successful Stanford
2:10I think that the applicant who can combine and I care attitude
2:14with action initiative so to be a successful Stanford candidate you need
2:18to have put your words into action
2:20and then convey that in your application Stanford receives over 7500 applications
2:25each year
2:26with an acceptance rate of less than 10 percent see you really need to be able
2:29to stand out among the crowd
2:30when I was applying to UCLA Anderson I spent time talking about my family
2:35as well as my experience is an engineer in oil production
2:38which would you need to my story let’s talk to Lynda about how you can stand
2:42out by writing great essays
2:44but first let’s talk to some recent Stanford Graduate School business
2:48I applied to Stanford knowing that was a very small school and I would have a
2:52very intimate experience
2:53was really drawn to that small class size I’m and that’s definitely be held
2:57up since I got here
2:58an incredibly collaborative community and
3:01which has been fantastic and and also a very innovative school
3:06and I’d love to focus on entrepreneurship which is not something
3:08that comes naturally to me and the me very risk-averse person but
3:12and the whole spirit love entrepreneurship which has been
3:15at pete has been great and and I want to the general management
3:19or general leadership MBA program which is definitely not the reason that I
3:23apply to Stanford
3:24over some the other schools I’m which were much more famous focus on a
3:27particular function like finance or marketing
3:29when I was working in Sydney I was involved in
3:33startup companies in entrepreneurship and I really love that in love a
3:37developing new products and services
3:39and I found that you are my
3:43I started to define what I wanna do in my long term career
3:46and it was really around creating grapes
3:49products and services and being the leader of founder other
3:52successful and great company that makes an impact
3:56and I’d really felt before I came to sample that I didn’t
4:01nearly have all the skills that I would need to achieve that and
4:05so that’s the main reason why I wanted to do an MBA
4:08and then you also the reason why I wanted to do it at Stamford
4:12graduate Stanford they go on to
4:15manage the great companies but I think the Silicon Valley
4:19location plays a major role in a lot us Stanford grads are going to start ups
4:24Google 10 ten years ago the classic example I think
4:28but you also have my key so that entrepreneurial tradition
4:32permeates the the experience and I think it
4:35it leads to a certain ok how should applicants approached the
4:39essay portion of the application for Stanford MBA
4:42first that they kept approach it like a puzzle in which each piece each
4:46element is going to bring out a different aspect love you
4:49a different part the food part of the picture that is you the applicant
4:53so what I would suggest that the applicant sit down
4:57and just jot down notes that I have to write less says
5:01about what are the experience they want the Stanford missions committee know
5:06what are the proud of what this repealing up themselves and their values
5:10began using it it’s a POS on LG U+ say write these experiences
5:14are going to best answer this question when I put them all together
5:17it’s going to put paint the most textured comprehensive an impressive
5:21me the first question in the application process for Stanford 2010 applicants
5:27is what matters most to you and why has to be considered tackling this question
5:32I think the key their is
5:35self-reflection there at Bolton who’s headed admissions and Stanford has said
5:40many times
5:41that standards application essays are an exercise in accounting
5:46and he maintains that there’s no marketing involved I would disagree
5:50there but I certainly agree that
5:51that the foundation for most successful applications tempers in particular
5:57is a thorough self-assessment and accounting exercise
6:01so first of all you have to know your values yeah have them
6:05you have to know them and you have to know where you reflected them in action
6:10if you want to save the whales and you’ve never been to the beach it’s not
6:13going to work
6:15if you value something we think it’s important then
6:18how has it affected your behavior when have you
6:22acted differently reacted specifically because if this.value
6:26if you haven’t acted and in accordance with the value you can point to anything
6:32then is probably not terribly important to you his babies but what I’m watching
6:37and I think that that question and really
6:40the that quality is good permeate the essays
6:44isn’t I care attitude combined with
6:47initiative if you
6:51see a problem and you react when you develop a programmer
6:56or do something that addresses that problem
7:00I’m in a problem that’s that’s out there that’s bigger than you
7:03when you do something to address that issue
7:07that’s something that sense it’s gonna be very interested in and I think very
7:10impressed by
7:12as a number to says what are your career aspirations
7:15and how your education at stanford help you achieve them
7:19you have to know what your career aspirations are
7:22an NBA is not an end in itself but a means to an end
7:26so what do you want to do with your post MBA degree it’s not a place for
7:29self-exploration it’s not like
7:31undergraduate four years ago undergraduate you’ll find yourself
7:35you’re supposed to have a goal and then the question becomes
7:38what r Stanford’s particular resources and programs and attributes are going to
7:43help you
7:44achieve your goal the one thing the really
7:47%uh serve gravitated me toward staying in Stamford
7:51was the second on and it’s just the the people on the roster the intake lasts
7:57so the first year I think I love the business schools are very similar
7:59standard I know has just returned the curriculum
8:02so I think you get all the materials in a different way but it’s more or less a
8:05lot at the same material
8:07did second years will I think they call them the practitioners the lecturers
8:11and it’s just you know a who’s who people who just an amazing things
8:15and Iraq live on the family plan as a benchmark mark Leslie
8:20it was the form see a very touched Eric Schmidt the currency of Google
8:24on I just you know the top my head home
8:28that that that is like a bunch more Joe Peters and
8:31absolutely fabulous is an investor in JetBlue
8:34be real estate done it before he said started his own private equity fund
8:38and just unbelievable guys well you know all these people like
8:42I was fortunate enough to get to know them so i think is just believe that the
8:46caliber of
8:48and these professionals as well as the the great teaching first
8:52the third essay question I asks to choose to have four options
8:57first boston Apple can’t decide which of the two choose
9:00that’s actually fairly easy one to choose the to
9:04that I’m best present you so if you have a great team work
9:08experience you’ll choose the option that lets the team working at a great
9:12leadership experience
9:14keeping in mind that Stanford once demonstrated
9:17leadership you can choose that one I think I think these
9:21options and as the number three really reflects Stanford’s
9:26mantra change lives change organization change the world
9:29the the key should be what is going to help you tell your story
9:34if an applicant had to choose one aspect to their application to really focus on
9:38to impress Stanford
9:39what would that be I think the applicant may want to
9:43in the self-assessment and counting that with attacking a minute ago
9:48we want to assess what’s the weakest element in the application
9:52and then work on that to improve that
9:56they’re gonna want to sell their strengths to be sure but
9:59the weakness can keep them out so first you have to know why you wanna go
10:03Stanford why you are fit with Stanford
10:06what you doing to contribute to Stanford and then you have to convince stand for
10:10that’s a the same things that you’ve convinced yourself
10:14but you you can only do that if you know
10:17your strengths and weaknesses how they matched Stanford’s value
10:21are you going to achieve your goals by 10 X 10
10:24now that was a lot of insightful information that we hope you can use
10:27when putting together your Stanford application
10:30that’s a wrap today on MBA party v I’m your host bob okie
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