Getting a Business Loan: Alternative Sources of Finance


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0:08highest goldwater thanks very much for dropping by
0:11channel a game where sharing use
0:14latest ID’s you’re dealing with banks raising
0:17acceptor sort of coffee today a few days ago
0:21a courses I’m looked at some figures being released by the Bank of England
0:26because the amount of money being written off fight the fax
0:30you think came from the Bank of England set-up for the three months to June 2009
0:35Lapan just over 6 billion pounds
0:38was bitten off by the banks respective pot that’s race bike businesses
0:43I think get of the large enough in itself for
0:46more startling is when you compare with this quarter
0:49of this year when just over 4 billion pounds
0:53with nothing about that just over 50 percent increase
0:56I’m on my first quarter good the second quarter
0:59when we look at the whole twelve-month period from June 2011
1:032010 the month money would not increase by about 17 percent
1:08now why it is important to you well potentially could be an impact for you
1:13as regards your ability to raise finance why is that
1:17when banks right of money on this is always the
1:21from loans not been able to pay
1:24these monies written off direct charge
1:28to the bank’s profits their profits which year
1:31in respect to the market many not passes through the impact on the map
1:36capital available to lead feature if
1:40to get the problem is that the government
1:43trying to make sure the bank so much stronger to cope with anything
1:47economic shocks factoring in the bank’s a good enough to increase
1:51capital held you know support borrowing
1:54over the coming years so we’ve got is
1:57a week to sing capital base because all the amount of money being written off
2:02problems through the poll on the other side to get
2:05increase capital so the danger is that this could lead
2:09to feature credit dropped so
2:13if you’re looking to raise finance to
2:16grow your business example what are your options
2:20with readers my local my website
2:23see mentioned before about communities sources of funding
2:27really need to start looking them
2:30now one option acid financial leasing
2:34example I’m because of the problem
2:38in getting hold money from pacs
2:41the Finance & Leasing Association Saturday
2:45witness and increase in the market many people and
2:48by then members I’m inspector asset based finance
2:51fact for 12 months to August 2011
2:55they’ve seen an increase in just over 8 percent market many their lending out
2:59the sun’s out about $20 billion pounds to look at the scene for example why is
3:04this a good option
3:05well got a particularly weak balance sheet not me
3:09major issue would be with the high street banks leasing is an off-balance
3:13sheet items
3:14second releasing won’t have any impact new existing credit facilities
3:18about integrated causes the on the line equipment
3:23financing becomes obsolete then you could just replace which is much more
3:28the acid financed by 11 so
3:32if you’re looking to raise finance to grow your business we missed on your
3:36take a look at these alternative options sure yourself
3:40make sure you don’t get called out there is another credit crunch coming up
3:45if you want to know more information about asset-based lending
3:49particular check out the Finance & Leasing Association
3:52website on the addresses WWW dot
3:56out a total .uk
3:59thanks very much dropping by hope you found it useful
4:02I look for shares more ID’s you

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