Franchise Loan or Business Loan? SBA Loan Part 2


Complete Video Transcript

0:00never owned a bit the typable all
0:03get approved for will be. FB
0:067i 7 a for an approved franchise or
0:11I’ll I have a where it
0:15it’ll be at up up
0:18there loan are 365 or commercial that code I’m happy email
0:23anybody want to get all I’m my email be
0:27that Charlotte pp acecomm I can’t get on the list
0:31approved franchised or Twitter cool the whole
0:34type did I at be a 7a approved franchise the word
0:39the little a mop dial the easiest thing to get approved for a few
0:44if you haven’t owned a bit foreigners no real they secured by it is
0:48you get involved with the franchise that the FBI
0:52already approved governor how got them on that letter elite 100 maybe not out
0:56maybe a
0:57out and Paula there’s a lot of I’m I’ll
1:00fell I the Powerhouse Gym at the if your client had experience managing
1:08how how up later I
1:12your fitness places if I I
1:15go if be called Jim power
1:19are out there power out on the FDA approval and leave people have
1:24variant in managing jam absolutely they can get approved now
1:29if they don’t have experience managing a powerhouse
1:32but power out is I we have it they can still get a pool what they need to do
1:38they need to make sure that their management team has real strong
1:43but the bank K by are out him
1:46you’ve got I managers and trainers bookkeepers and that work
1:50in by the power out Jim summer something very similar to that
1:53you know showing the lander here’s why gonna be
1:56the that how we’re gonna be able to pay back that wall I’ll
2:01and typically to qualify for long franchise
2:04I’ll people feel how do you do that
2:07France okay by while to call hype about wall
2:11will require UFO the from the franchise or
2:15or the bar will our Rd out the perspective franchise the
2:19what happened your party with uniform franchise offering
2:24circular okay in I her
2:27performer in there nap what all
2:31we all used underwrite that won’t because
2:35the franchises that are
2:38approved by the FBI rat FBI ready have proven that they have a track record for
2:43that could be why people are getting involved with a printer you know to be
2:47out there all but not alone
2:49cliche I’ll have a proven formula
2:53female up heard the well so
2:56it underwritten of the financial back the projected
3:00performer that comment idea okay
3:03and your bank rather bland to people that have a healthier running
3:07them or operate think that way and
3:10and that kinda cold but we’re talking about for so
3:14I if you have experience great if you don’t you better have a management team
3:18in place
3:19NP really looking at a friends that how you do it you can never own
3:23for that makes and know they can make
3:27total spent and make makes total sense and I appreciate that
3:30you know I think you talked to before but want to tell me
3:34minimum and maximum loan amount and arm what
3:38I cook term avail what keeper and before but let’s make sure that everybody
3:41listening understand
3:42know what the parameters are hooked up there looking for
3:46to by a business or what have you in all
3:49you know what they can and can’t yep
3:52for the numbers for people to helpful out when they’re looking at buying a

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