Business Finance Bulletin 2014 Interviews: Part II


Complete Video Transcript

0:14a so funding night provides
0:17secured finance to small companies are generally
0:21I managed services
0:24what we’re looking for
0:26his companies that are growing
0:28that all building supplies
0:30and all responsibly managed
0:35one of the things where clearly looking for is
0:38the supported formats information
0:41because the historical information simply doesn’t get the picture
0:44power businesses going
0:47so we’re asking for some track record like two beers
0:50were also in for one second call the cops
0:53up but we also want to see management cops
0:57which recently current so within three months the application
1:01including about shoes I and the other aspects
1:05case his opposing Ashley plan
1:07so there is a cash flow for the next 12 months
1:10which shows that the business is actually giving schools
1:15supplies fine ass action and get repaid and we think that’s critical
1:20for being able to evaluate a business
1:23but what we focus on overall his three owner of the business
1:27them how they have conducted themselves
1:30they did you go to through peoples balls Street
1:33sale businesses banks 6 businessman
1:36will have a failure
1:37maybe in his past hasn’t dealt with it
1:40custody a for exhibit people because
1:43to something going into liquidation
1:46has to deal with the crisis
1:48he’s actually
1:50manage to pay off all the credit system some a
1:53scheme rains a thats for the class
1:57was who would like to add because they’ve really although some
2:02we think that’s really important
2:04very important to remember that when you are looking for next investor you will
2:08be giving up part of your business
2:09so that would mean in some cases that you have an investor will take a great
2:15in what you’re up to you are therefore under the microscope this for some
2:20more precluding the right solution some businesses do not like to run with
2:24outside influence
2:25however this can also be very beneficial because often the investor will be in
2:29a very established and experience businessperson
2:32who can add real value in terms of the dynamic up running the business
2:36someone to has to be absolutely right and if not come forward giving up onto
2:40the ranch to do business
2:41then alternative traditional funding methods are probably the best
2:46at best way forward any equity investor that comes in
2:49and this is a very important point to remember will be looking for
2:53an exit strategy so they’ll be looking to some a clear times goes to when they
2:57will get their money back
2:58be two years three years five years and they’ll be
3:01very very interested and how they gonna get not left of their investments
3:06they want to understand where the business is now
3:09isn’t tidy is a well-run
3:12who were the people involved and most importantly where is the potential
3:16that some X investors all quite daring
3:19quite brave and will make a snap decision based on
3:24the personality and the business have someone to make a decision in
3:28in a couple minutes basil my gut feeling but the majority equity investors will
3:32want to really understand how your business operates
3:35long to understand where the business is going
3:38the most importantly where is that exit and what return they like the route to
3:42upon that excess so there’s a lot of work to do however it can be great fun
3:47I’m 1 I’ve Kevin Bacon are upset
3:50such let funding no call
3:52much like fun things are relatively unique toy for funding for small
3:56what’s unique about this you can use your pension an existing directors cut
4:00should to fund your business you have to play the money back
4:03and you have to fight back other commercial interests right what the
4:07interest is actually going back into your pension
4:09so it’s growing your prediction
4:11a lot of things we cite appliances would you invest in your own business
4:1550 worth it more than you for sure I’m protectionist sentiment other people’s
4:19companies through
4:21be for a Scottish Widows investment money into your company
4:25because it’s your pension you can decide what do you say so you might want to use
4:29it to stall
4:30machinery commercial property bad news
4:33of course right thing is because I’m sure punching you never have to worry
4:36about personal guarantees on the part
4:38pulling the plug on your cell it’s pretty rare that you’re going to wake up
4:41one morning and go on to pull the plug on my business but you all
4:44the owner about money so it’s very powerful and it works but not something
4:48you say it works very well in service sector
4:51but it was very well and manufacturing so nearly every sector including
4:55it’s a very powerful tool for it it’s not right for everybody
4:59and we do it for a process to make sure that your picture will protect you
5:03but the real benefit of it is about is putting you in control your business
5:07your funding
5:08using an app that you already created that you thought you couldn’t touch
5:14so my 3223 today are issue promptly measure invoices correct
5:18by Cantina 16 points lead going in police ham you run your invoice
5:21to be at hand past me secondly is a tease and sees
5:25make sure they’re correct makes a look rights get them sorta
5:28correctly by Sister I’m actually make reference the late Payne commercial that
5:32site cuz I was amended
5:33with about a year ago and some really important members in their
5:36my thirty is done before the chase you provide the goods or service
5:41jew payment just rings the email
5:44ring listen to the voice help Timothy B thank you
5:47I am proud unfunded Empire from the Empire we connect individuals that was
5:53to lend money
5:54with businesses want to follow
5:56we accept loan applications from start-ups and trading businesses
6:00alone values go from five thousand pounds 200,000 pounds
6:04and get over fifty thousand pounds must be secured
6:07we look for an ejected collected creditworthy businesses
6:11that I really wasn’t to grow their business and i’m looking for some
6:15in order to do so right what happened businesses
6:19you upcoming GOP 21 want to bypass banks completely
6:23decided I don’t want to go into a bank let me try something different
6:27number reasons in fact from borrowers a why they’ve actually a protest as
6:31opposed to a traditional bank at the main and so that we had from them
6:34is actually the two takes for them to assess their application
6:38and get you can get a decision sets about always have
6:41thing in the cycle for about two to three months and still more anyway
6:44a flexible p2p lending model like us means that
6:47always can from time application to receiving funds
6:51and BS littlest 21 days
6:55do you offer a weeks much speedier service sector paperbacks

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