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0:01in this module will go over some business analyst interview questions
0:04that you will be asked during your interview
0:06by now you already have an idea the core characteristics that the business
0:10analyst interviewer
0:11is looking for if not please take a look at one of the early works out videos
0:15moreover we went over some business analyst terms that you should
0:20into your answers to demonstrate the you understand the terminologies
0:23business analysts use this will ensure that you stand out from the crowd
0:28I also want to take this moment to congratulate you on being a step ahead
0:31of all the other candidates were probably sitting at home confused
0:35and surfing the internet for information that essentially may or may not be
0:38relevant to business analyst interview
0:40right now you were head and you have the advantage
0:43so don’t give up your lead being a business analyst can be a very rewarding
0:47career option
0:49however getting the job done can be a difficult process
0:52this problem is a lot worse if you don’t know where to begin
0:56or if you don’t know what questions you’re going to be asked in what exactly
0:59the interviewers looking for
1:00in this video I will be walking through some business analyst interview
1:05that you will be asked all these questions discussions and simple answers
1:09are taken for my business analyst prep course cracking the Business Analyst
1:14and more detailed information can be found there before we get to the first
1:19let me just tell you how I like to structure these I will first tell you
1:22the business analyst interview question
1:24followed by a discussion clearly explaining what the interviewers looking
1:28and finally I’ll provide you with an actual answer to the interview question
1:33this should really allow you to grasp in understanding at the interview question
1:37you will be asked
1:38one thing I absolutely hate it when I was trying to prepare for my interviews
1:42was when so-called experts said do this or do that
1:45but they never showed you the how he drove me absolutely insane
1:49is like telling a starving person the porns a fishing and we’re eating fish
1:53will help his hunger problems
1:54but not showing the poor guy had a fish you will see in my book
1:58my business analyst prep course in my training videos I provide you the
2:01complete information
2:02in this case the interview question a discussion about the interviewers
2:07looking for
2:07and an example of what to say to ensure that you were hitting the interviewers
2:11check marks
2:12across the board okay let’s get to the first question
2:16one of the most important questions asked in a business analyst interview
2:19and one I ask every single candidate I interview is
2:23tell me about the time you work towards a certain goal but you fail to achieve
2:27what did you do about it this is a failure based question
2:31here the interview was trying to determine how you handle setbacks
2:35as a business analyst you work on certain aspects of a project that just
2:39don’t work out for whatever reason
2:41you must be able to overcome these failures and not let it phase you
2:44it is extremely important the provide a structured response
2:48a great Business Analyst will learn from their failures and move on
2:52in your answer make sure you don’t go into detail about your failure
2:55choose an example that focuses on your contributions
2:58touches on the failure and explains what you learn from that experience
3:02here’s a sample answer: well
3:05on occasion I’ve set deadlines for projects that were too aggressive
3:09or I over-promised when I could deliver within that time frame
3:12for example in my previous role I worked on a project implementing new technology
3:16solution to speed up the company’s accounts payable system
3:19after going through a thorough elicitation an enterprise analysis
3:22we discovered that this involved updating envoy scanning process
3:25with the new software the cat scan an invoice and automatically update the
3:29page in a min amount of payment into the company system
3:32I was very excited about the project and we’re headed schedule by two weeks
3:35when my manager s when the project would be completed
3:38I gave them a date that took into account the fact that we were ahead by
3:42two weeks
3:43shortly after the projects have to set back when we realized that we had to
3:47upgrade our company’s operating system
3:48in order for it to be compatible with the new software
3:52this led the project to be delayed by two weeks in my manager is not very
3:55as I had promised him a day without taking into consideration that things
3:59could go wrong
4:00however in the end my contributions lead to an improved efficiency if 33 percent
4:05and save the company over 1.2 million dollars a year
4:08CC from an island that I should build in contention z tym into my schedules in
4:12case something goes wrong
4:13and should carefully consider the work that needs to be done before commit to a
4:16due date
4:17take a look at page 52 in the cracking the Business Analyst interview guide
4:21where I go into much more detail on this question and answer
4:25the next question are going to cover is what would you consider an ideal work
4:30in answering this question try to describe an environment as close as
4:34possible to the environment you were trying to get hired into
4:37make statements that align with the corporate culture also we should mention
4:40some general characteristics about
4:42a healthy working environment to point out the type of company standards
4:45the book bring out the best in you in this case one highlight that you like
4:49working in a fast-paced environment that requires continuously learning new
4:53most importantly state you’re comfortable in environments that have a
4:56lot of ambiguity
4:57and uncertainty take a look at page 47 at the cracking the business analyst
5:02interview book for more in depth answer
5:04however this is how I would answer it
5:07well allan I think an ideal environment would be one where everybody works hard
5:10towards clearly defined goals
5:12also i buy you a place where there’s a competitive spirit but one based on a
5:16win-win attitude
5:18based on my previous experience I find that I thrive in a fast-paced
5:22where there could be a certain degree of ambiguity and uncertainty I think a good
5:25environments where
5:26everyone is treated as a competent professional and is respected
5:29no matter their tenure or level of experience I want to work in an
5:33environment that brings out the best in me
5:35and gives me the opportunity to succeed in advance
5:39here’s another important question tell me about a time when you had to gain the
5:42cooperation of others
5:44over which you had little or no authority what did you do
5:48and how effective are you this question test your ability to get things done
5:52when working with other people
5:54as you already know a business analyst position comes with a lot of
5:58but little or no authority this means you have to convince others to assist
6:02you in what you’re trying to accomplish
6:04moreover you may often need to gain the cooperation of coworkers from other
6:08the technology side or even your boss this could be because you need to
6:12complete a traceability matrix to ensure that you have minimized
6:15any outstanding gaps from your requirements analysis
6:18you want to show the you understand the different things might have a different
6:22and that you can persuade them by indicating what the benefit to them is
6:26if they do things your way here’s a sample answer for you
6:29well that’s a tough situation but one that’s been pretty common in my
6:34I’ve often had to convince others to get them to see my into things
6:38one thing I try to do is communicate my ideas in ways that are most importantly
6:41easy to understand
6:43I also tried outlined the benefits in a logical way but of course I also try to
6:47make an emotional appeal to people’s own self-interest
6:50I listen carefully to determine where the real objection is
6:53and then I try to overcome that objection I’m usually pretty effective
6:57with that
6:58also I always try to compromise when I think it will benefit the group or the
7:02for example in my previous role as a Business Systems Analyst
7:06my team and I were implementing a new technology system that would upgrade the
7:09existing software
7:10through customization stew better meet business needs as we were about to enter
7:14the planning stages at the project
7:16I realize that we should begin gathering requirements for taxation
7:19earlier because technology would have to perform a large amount of customization
7:23is for the tax department
7:25if we began early we could save a lot of time in the long run
7:28right at the outset taxation was against the idea
7:31because they wanted to gather requirements at the same time the other
7:34departments did not start earlier
7:36to convince them I prepared a detailed email to the taxation manager
7:40explaining all the benefits have beginning early for example
7:43if we begin early the excruciatingly painful tax 1003 report would no longer
7:48have to be done manually
7:49because we could incorporate it into a technology upgrade I talked about their
7:54their pains and how beginning early would solve these problems
7:57soon after taxation was on board and we completed the project under budget
8:01and three weeks early
8:04being a business analyst is a very rewarding career path you get to work on
8:08projects with different types of people
8:10the best part is that you get to see the results of your hard work at the end
8:14I remember when I worked on a project implementing new technology solution
8:17and our inbound call centers in the end I could see the new technology we worked
8:22on so hard to put in place
8:23work seamlessly from when the customer called right through being transferred
8:27to another department
8:28and finally leaving a positive rating executives
8:32managers and even call center employees would send my team and I thank you
8:35emails for making their lives so much easier
8:38making a difference like that is extremely satisfying
8:41now we’ve gone over three business analyst interview questions here
8:44however if you feel you need more practice and what the complete solution
8:48to a store business analyst interview
8:50take a look at my prep course it might be a interview dot com
8:53finally I want to wish you the best of luck on your upcoming business analyst
8:59also if you do receive an offer please email me with your story
9:03the best part of my day is reading all the success stories in offers people are
9:07all over the world also if you have any questions please
9:11did not hesitate to email me at Andy
9:14at might be a interview dot com however I do get quite a bit of mail so if you
9:19could limit yourself to two questions and be clear in your email
9:22I will be able to respond to a lot quicker
9:25thanks very much and farewell

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