$5000 a Month With Google Adsense Pt1


Complete Video Transcript

0:06higher one this is a tunnel coma hear from traffic coma dot com
0:10now this video serious all
0:13Google NASA house you can pretty much make thousands of dollars
0:17each Jeremiah week Google ASes
0:20and with this video series you pretty much compromising on
0:23take you by the hand and show you exactly
0:26what you need to do how to put together a glass a website
0:31arm how to give away free free programs
0:34are free ebook our Free newsletters are
0:38are free anything on lamb are they would give you
0:42are limited traffic and also give you people who will probably click
0:46all some your Google shas and what
0:50this would do will Bray you in money from Google exit
0:53and the main plane landed a lot of people do not know how
0:57to give our money regal vs if they don’t know how to set up the campaign
1:02are there are no I did able cases to a website
1:05but the thing about this is there Doug good thing the body if you know how you
1:10all website
1:11arm deaths old K also are but if you don’t have the
1:15don’t have a website on can’t get a website
1:19a Yahoo wat Google I’m sorry ya whole deal CDC which I’m hella link here
1:24to race I’ll page in a description where you problem you’re free
1:28our website if you don’t have one but I will suggest
1:32yes it tried it do glare says yes to try to make my lamb
1:36arm ill sometime in the near future if you don’t have a website
1:41to this in a website which with yeah I’ll here’s
1:45website host is it does domains for all the light live in that world oil
1:49much which is very very cheap I’ll to have your website but in a way
1:53this key to it I’ll let me show you exactly how
1:57you promise break game anywhere from arm ten dollars always to two thousand
2:02dollars a month
2:03good asset and when I D i haves you want to log into Google
2:07dot com come here to search for changing get
2:10gift from me you with arm with the surgeon
2:14Google if you not are really familiar with its sole come to Google
2:18that car you arrive here at this page here
2:22arm number one you have to have an account
2:25week with Google are massive what I’m gonna do
2:29gonna promos so you guys how to find a good asset
2:33you have had to come over here to the right side up Asian click on my account
2:37now arms sis re: the hell
2:40an account here arm I surveyed a demo account just for
2:46video Sears and but you have to do is sign up just for regular Google account
2:51and once you sign up for just a regular global workout
2:54day you have es ist to arm be able to sell
2:58good as saying and be over the syllable where we’re in a number of other things
3:03Google book I’ll but as bill today is pretty much
3:07only two folders I’ll Google MSN how you can mate
3:10thousands of dollars will be there soon how to surf the web site has Google as
3:15own all the on and how to turn traffic a two mile to a mile two screens economy
3:20genera much first thing you do
3:22is our I will get you familiarize with glasses
3:26good guess it’s you have to click on their asses budding
3:29and anyhoo a lawyer automatically
3:33and what idea to set up a demo account here I
3:36set up for just a little while ago %ah mamma faye has four and a half dollars a
3:4025 season in which is now a lot
3:42but from from Google SS death’s
3:45that’s pretty good people arm change their now
3:49on you see debt one
3:52da demo account ID is set up with the demo plays sheik
3:56it has down almost forty five hundo hundred-page
4:00impressions so if you’re not familiar with Paige impression is dis dis
4:05on the time state the website has has pretty much
4:08arm sold glasses on it and now only
4:13has a gal on the role for 500 on
4:17expression also has hun 14 clicks which
4:20it was up to 49 down 85 cents just depend on
4:24which a on debt their people or clicking all
4:28now on so this is pretty much always view of glasses
4:32I hope it was getting everything else the Pumas ysleta gas go to the website
4:38arms in a row home look around and
4:43industry must go over to auxiliary them a tear
4:46materially come yeses because I’ll dispute criminal have that much time to
4:50come the video
4:51are but if I’m gonna give you guys a sample of our
4:55all wanna buy e-books that I wrote which you can get here
4:59to retire i sat up Asia is a free ebook all in the morning
5:03are it was his it was so use eg the hell
5:06to market a liar is so use a good how to
5:09bill y’all will cite so use eckhouse saw
5:12arm bill y’all evil you’ll evil no
5:15definitely evil online is so you had a story anytime in the bin Isa she had
5:20attracted to the internet business
5:21on this evil is feel feel with a lot of things
5:24I was a jazz you gas a giddy he’ll be here to the right side of the page
5:28my face probably the first link their to rise at the page
5:32in a description Bob Obama so you on palm
5:36all dayy book page awesome is ample also asses data added to their website
5:41endoscope you must give you an overview all what we don’t try to accomplish
5:45in his video series to get you say though are will
5:48will say so legit just like that arm so that you can be making a lot of money
5:53legal cases are also on
5:56in our dept file a police before I go to the website is that this the book called
6:00weary brain rights also
6:02army car rebrand rice or what we did on this evil page I’m gonna Primos
6:07arm clarified a also okay
6:11okay here’s here’s the book death I wrote here
6:15I’ll of you it evil Cairo
6:18here I column in a market and buy Tania Coleman from traffic almond a car
6:23arm is evil is feel feel feel a lot of free information like how to build a
6:28Jonathan program starter for the program crypt Raider ebook
6:32by remarking a CO alarm walking
6:35email marketing you too watching videos armless billion more attracted to you
6:40domain it’s rationing ebook overs building a brain great customer service
6:44ever eBay
6:45is feeling number things I thank you God definite I love so love you
6:48what is evil arm he didn’t get you to the razor
6:52paid also and a mm love to you by the gym gas
6:56get the ball rebranded do wat is ebook im a thousand so you want
7:00our lottery brain is ebook and give his ebook way him a thousand
7:05arm you click on this link here else so
7:08now so this whole program by good ass is gonna be
7:11are cyl around you giving away this Fri ebook so on
7:15Jess sit back and relax enjoy enjoy the rich the video
7:18now in this is Google s is here
7:22also here to cover P up a good lesson here so if someone clicks on this
7:27a here arm day will be crazy as a Google S’s payment
7:32I am NOT dollar that their mogul gases
7:35here to the are left that page arm here’s a glasses
7:39got something to do with QuickBooks Payroll I’ll have another Google yes is
7:44here to the rice at the page days has
7:46arms something to do with Google arm sign a free flow
7:50newsgroups so if I refresh the page
7:53maybe races my might change
7:57I’ll do it now my my night yes it change
8:00are a legal basis at the top of the page
8:03on change today has to do with our is CEO
8:07also now receiving a zit the bomb the page here
8:11changed and if you see that these two races denied change on this
8:17Paul your butt this from a school guesses all
8:20each and every page so if I click on another page here
8:23are we still see who has it bowls for stuff
8:27office does for bloggers for bull sold
8:30for their applies whereby yes it’s
8:36and we have had a good yes it change now hell but the colors are
8:40are read routine description: cool theirs is here with it
8:44offers you the in have a circuit city now which arm
8:49is deal with gentle seen either date is Circuit City is close in
8:53over a I think I heard Thursday or so there’s
8:56their file for bankruptcy so I’ll say thank you City
9:00so are this free was as Apple their promos gimme
9:04give you gas debt of Google ASA
9:07and from what our sole how can’t go via Etsy is
9:11in this evil arm Bray UN money chairman
9:15now only in Alan Bray you the money just by you give the wages for you book
9:20how KU are incorporate Google Essien
9:23into the thingy that I’ll hacking Corp a glassy
9:28into your website so you can make a pretty good nice live
9:31dollar debt are my fav get to tell you about once a I put a man put a global a
9:35sister’s boy here so
9:37are if I go here just type in our own in
9:41on arm this evening
9:45a typing Google
9:49air words
9:53a click on Search what happens another when dole’s
9:57comes comes up

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