5 writing tips for financial services professionals


Finance content writing jobs are hard, fast and some say relatively drab. However, many people make them their calling and have fun — not to mention make good money — following their chosen profession as a Finance Content writer. If you are one of those who have chosen finance as the niche to write for, well we wish you best of luck and hope that you succeed.

However, even better than the wishes, we are going to provide you with 5 fail-safe tips that are absolutely vital for any finance content writer and will help you develop a presence and increase your brand value. So without further ado,  there you go:


1) Grammar and Punctuations:

We can’t really stress this point enough. Bad grammar may be fine when you are chatting with your buddies or in a casual office email. However, when you are involved in writing for a sector as serious as finance, bad grammar is a strict no-no. Same goes for punctuations. Brush up your grammar skills if you need to or have your work proofread by an English expert. However, never, ever post content that is grammatically incorrect because it will be lethal for your website’s image.

Make a proofreading checklist and stick to it like it is a lifeboat and you are in the middle of the sea. Use it after every single article and if you have hired people to work for you, make sure that they adhere to it like its the Bible.

I mean come on. Will YOU trust your money to a person’s advice who can’t even spell right?


2) Be focused

Yup. Focus is very important in this niche. Weather it is with regards to the domain you have chosen to specialize in or with the nature of the audience you are targeting, focus is absolutely vital to the success of your online venture. Decide early on with regards to who are going to be your particular set of clients and make sure that your posts reflect your decision.

Find out about the peculiarities of the set of people you have chosen by visiting the most popular websites that cater to them and try to model your website accordingly. Don’t copy them, however learn from them and implement what you have learned in your own website or blog.

3) SEO And Readability

If you have a wordpress blog, you probably know what i am talking about. However, if you are unfamiliar with these terms then you need to familiarize yourself as soon as possible. While SEO is basically a measure of how easily your content can be found by search engines, readability is a measure of how easy it is on the eyes.

There are plenty of plugins and websites that do the check for you. Use those tools upon the content you generate and try to improve it every time. Trust me, it helps.

4) Headlines are important

Headlines, titles, subtitles are all very important. They are basically the hooks that pull your reader to the paragraph written below them. So make sure that your headlines are interesting and you use titles and subtitles where ever necessary. A good idea is to use a title to highlight whenever you move to another section. In fact, many writers first outline their content by using titles and subtitles before writing.

Don’t over do it though.

5) The Content

Finally, the content itself. The most important factor for any blog/website/thesis literally anything that uses words. However, its importance increases when its a finance content writing job you are talking about. While there is no rule of thumb about how you should write your content and it is mostly up to you, the following checklist should ensure that your content is engaging to your readers whenever its a finance content writing jobs you have on your hands:

1) Does it start of with an interesting first paragraph that has information about the contents of the rest of the article?

2) Is it well structured and comes with titles and subtitles at appropriate places?

3) Is it interestingly written with a trace of humor in it?

4)Is it well structured and is there a constant flow of ideas from one paragraph to another?

5) Are the sentences not unduly long? (As a rule of thumb, a single sentence should not have more than 20 words in it)

6) On reading the article, would all the readers question on the topic be satisfied and will he leave the page without any confusions?

Note: you can do without humor, but a slight humor makes the content much more interesting to read. We are not asking you to put in jokes, mind you. Just present the content in an interesting way and use word play a couple of times through the article. However, mention it because you dont want any of your readers going home with the wrong information because you tried to add humor to your article.